summer wardrobe change | Five tips for winter clothes to take up less space

With the arrival of good weather, it’s time for it Do Change of wardrobe And Put away winter clothes. This process can be tedious and difficult, especially if we do not have enough space in our wardrobe to store all the clothes.

That is that Clothes are one of the things that we keep, even though we often don’t use them. Closets are filling up and we have less space to put clothes, accessories and shoes, but there are different tricks to save space.

Tricks to improve your closet space

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But don’t worry, there are some Techniques and tricks that can help us improve space And to make winter clothes occupy less in our wardrobe. Here are some tips for effective wardrobe change.

  1. Clean and organize your closetQ: Before you start putting your winter clothes away, it’s important that you clean out and organize your wardrobe. Remove all clothing and take the opportunity to get rid of clothing that you no longer use or that are in poor condition.

  2. Use vacuum bagsVacuum bags are an excellent choice for storing winter clothes. By extracting air, the clothes are compressed and take up less space. In addition, these bags protect clothes from moisture and insects.

  3. Stack the clothes properlyAn effective way to save wardrobe space is to stack the clothes correctly. Fold the items evenly and stack the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest items on top.

  4. Use a closet organizer: There are several types of closet organizers that can help us make better use of space. For example, multiple hangers allow us to hang several clothes on a single hanger, while shoe organizers help us store shoes in an organized manner.

  5. Stock up on clothes seasonally: If you do not have enough space in your closet, one option is to store winter clothes in boxes or containers and store them in a place where they do not take up space in the spring and summer.

By following these tips, you will be able to effectively change your wardrobe and make winter clothes take up less space in your closet. In addition, this will allow you to have a more organized closet that is easier to maintain over time.

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