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Any average citizen knows Steve Jobs, but very few people know who Edwin Land was, the business authority that Jobs inspired for most of his career. Even geniuses need models.

We can define success in entrepreneurship as the succession of the right decisions among a myriad of uncertain options. Not surprisingly, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, only 30% of new businesses survive a decade later. Hence, these first-hand references from successful entrepreneurs, along with key information on how they manage to grow, consolidate, and differentiate themselves, are particularly useful for small and medium businesses aspiring to the same results.

With this knowledge of the facts, Sage, Inc. is a leader in Programming and Business Management, is launching an initiative that connects business transformation and growth leaders with entrepreneurs, SMEs, and businesses in person: the Sage Inspirational Hub, a space where some of the best examples of corporate innovation will discuss challenges and opportunities in an environment. requirements such as the present and the following. They will do this in six sessions: the first five sessions will consist of interviews available on both video and podcast at, while the last session will be organized in a mixed face-to-face manner.flow.

We’re talking references like Juan Merodio, international publisher of The New Economy and author of more than a dozen works on digital marketing that have been made into business school handbooks. From Eva Collado, trainer, writer, and authority on human capital management and personal branding. From David Moreno, whose sunglasses company’s sales rose from zero to 60 million in three years, a project leader harnessing the collective power of the digital revolution to generate positive social impacts.

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We are talking about Yaiza Canosa, one of the 100 most influential Spanish leaders and one of the 30 under the age of 30 – she began her career at the age of 16 – with the largest commercial exposure, according to Forbes. From Gonzalo Tradacete, Entrepreneur Founder of Investors Clubs after his experience in international mergers and acquisitions. And we’re talking about caller Chema Nieto, one of the keynote speakers in the ecosystem of startupswho will moderate sessions for Sage Inspirational Hub 2023.

Indeed, event design stimulates the relationship between inspiration and practicality. It is not just a series of meetings with general messages, but carefully selects its contents according to the main needs of small and medium enterprises in the face of accelerated transformations and the differential value of expectation.

The Sage Inspirational Hub will feature interviews with celebrities, such as Juan Merodio, global economist (pictured, left), Eva Collado, coach, writer and authority on human capital management and personal branding, or Gonzalo Tradacete (right), entrepreneur and founder of clubs investors.
The Sage Inspirational Hub will feature interviews with celebrities, such as Juan Merodio, global economist (pictured, left), Eva Collado, coach, writer and authority on human capital management and personal branding, or Gonzalo Tradacete (right), entrepreneur and founder of clubs investors.

Here is the schedule for the six sessions:

  1. June 8th. From business plan to digital business plan. What makes it succeed or fail, the most beneficial platforms for creating it, and how Web 3.0 will impact the future of digital business. With Juan Merodeo.
  2. June 22nd. New challenges in managing human resources and how to overcome them successfully. Eva Collado will address the importance and future of brand ambassadors, digital personal branding, what makes workers happier and why it is important to master the phenomenon Social networks.
  3. July 7th. Create and recover fast with Lean Startup. A conversation with David Moreno on how to start and grow a business idea from scratch, taking advantage of the disruptive models and opportunities of the new digital economy.
  4. Sept. 21. Marketing checkout and payout actions out of the box. For Yaiza Canosa, “Success is more about the people you love and take pride in what you do, than about other things.” Starting from this base, the expert will approach disruptive marketing from an analytical view and focus on new technologies.
  5. October 5th. Financing Strategies to Get Started Now! your business. What projects stand out above the rest for investors? What are digital business angels like and what attracts them? What should an entrepreneur consider in order to obtain financing? Gonzalo Tradacete answers these and other key questions.
  6. Oct. 19. Inspirational event, at Sala Equis in Madrid, Whether face to face or via live broadcast, to allow large numbers of attendees. It is the final end of the course where the six criteria will meet for the first time to reflect on the challenges of the next business strategies, the main trends in 2024 and, finally, the best possible future for Spanish companies, especially small and medium. of the same size. Welcome.

The world’s most optimistic SMEs

The Sage Inspirational Hub combines the intangibles–the inspiring ability, beyond motivation, of the six standard entrepreneurs–with the tangibles of their concrete and specific knowledge validated through their experience. But the assistants also contribute to the positive balance of the course with their proactive attitude.

In this sense, the results of the study may be surprising. Small Business, Great Opportunityimplemented by Sage among nearly 12,000 SMEs worldwide: Despite the increase in costs and pressure on revenues during 2022, Spanish SMEs are more optimistic about their prospects than in the previous study.

Thus, 59% expect their sales to increase between 10% and 40% in the next decade. 39% say they are very satisfied with their productivity, compared to 28% globally. And for 33%, improving productivity and efficiency fuels confidence in their success.

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