‘Stories that keep you awake’: ‘The Little Festival’ of great Spanish cinema returns to Prime Video

Just one year ago, four beacons of Spanish cinema (Rodrigo Cortez, Paula Ortiz, Paco Plaza and Rodrigo Sorogoyen) visited the Sitges Festival to present the first season of Stories that never sleepRe-read four episodes of the seminal cathodic classic Narciso Ibanez Sarador. Three hundred and sixty-five days later, neither one nor one less, four more wonderful, Jaume Balagheiro, Salvador Calvo, Nacho Vigalondo and Alice Waddingtonthey visited the festival to direct The second season of the horror and suspense anthology serieswhich will be released on November 28 at Prime video The four episodes of which can be seen, between Tuesday and Wednesday, on the giant screen at the Auditori at the Melia Hotel in Sitges.

“The characteristic of this series, of this anthology, is that it consists in itself Fantastic film festival This allows us to know what the genre is like in Spain, confirmed it Nacho Vigalundowhich was released offline to adapt the double episode in 1966 alarm clockan unauthorized copy of Watchmanby Arthur C Clarkwhich later became, thanks to Kubrick, nothing less than 2001: space flight. “alarm clock From Chicho was, in fact, an anticipation of 2001But the moon changed to a chalet in the mountains. What more could you ask for? I had to shoot yes or yes & rdquor; add manager the timewhich contains a staff of Roberto Alamo, Carlos Arresis, Anibal Gomez and Javier Juruchaga On his expected return to acting since 2014, when, for the last time, he acted in those events Biography About Cantinflas starring Oscar Guenada.

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Bald SaviorGuia to the best direction for adu In 2021, dare with plantingRoya episode, in 1968, ventured a miserable future At any time organ and limb transplants were the daily regimen to extend the life of the wealthy classes. “I am a director of what is on the table less closely related to the genre of cinema, and I chose this episode out of all the available episodes due to its more social theme,” explains the director, who had the occasion to attend Javier Gutierrez, Petra Martinez and Carlos Cuevas.

Alice Waddingtonrarely from a wonderful Spanish due to the scanty list of women, with exceptions such as Carlota Pereda (small pig), here dedicated to the genre I have chosen the nightmarewhere the ever-visionary Chicho, already in 1967, set his sights on popular horror Today it is in vogue through a series of mysterious violent deaths that devastated a remote area at the end of the 19th century. clearest manager Heaven Hillswhich was attended by Mina El Hammani and Alvaro Morte as the main couple.

Pre-paranoia “Black Mirror”

One of the wonderful Spanish totems, Jaume Balaguerodirects his personal view of the televisionwhich was originally by Ibáñez Serrador, from 1974, already foreshadowed technological nightmares black mirror Adapted from the story of a gray man who became mad, a victim of paranoia, after purchasing a color TV. “In this case, given that times and technology have changed so much, I have tried to bring my version to the present and obsess about security in your home through surveillance cameras” the Catalan manager told, from this year he opened Sitges with Venus And an episode of starring Pablo Dercoy and Manuela Felice.

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This Tuesday, at 6:15 p.m., episodes can be watched at Auditori planting s alarm clock. And on Wednesdays at six o’clock in the evening also in the auditor’s room, the nightmare s the television.

Producer Alejandro Ibanez, son of Chicho, explained that the original series of Stories that never sleep It had 32 chapters, so between four of the first season and the four of the second there would be 24 chapters available; He noted that if it continued to work, it could open up to new texts and projects, as he considered it could be a “very good platform for exploiting great new ideas”.

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