Stomach or stomach cancer: an asymptomatic tumor associated with Helicobacter pylori

he Stomach cancer, commonly known as gastric cancerIt is a type of tumor located in this region of the digestive system. Specialists explain that this cancer can be of two types:

1 – the so-called intestineIt is the most common (90% of cases).

It starts in the cells that make mucus In the stomach and, like Dr. Joaquin Rodriguezexpert of the Spanish Society of Gastroenterology (SEPD) and specialist in gastroenterology at the Universitario 12 de October Hospital:

  • Stomach cancer of the intestinal type It may be caused by infection with Helicobacter pylorisince in some cases, this infection can first lead to atrophic gastritis, and later, it can generate intestinal metaplasia, dysplasia, and finally cancer & rdquor;

2 – metastatic stomach cancer, Which only happens in 10% of cases.

It features a file genetic origin (metastatic hereditary stomach cancer) or choppy (As it happens in most cases of cancer).

The problem is that this type of cancer It usually has a poor prognosis, as it is difficult to detect early And when it does, it is usually well advanced.

Stomach cancer risk factors

Among the risk factors for stomach cancer, the expert highlights the following:

  • the Stomach germ infectionEspecially if the infection is chronic and difficult to eradicate.

  • smoking

  • sexIt is a more common cancer men of women.

  • are obese

  • the age. It is the most common type of tumor in patients Older than 50 years old.

  • Owns family background First degree with stomach cancer.

  • race: more frequent and widespread in Asia from Westerners.

Symptoms and diagnosis of stomach cancer

One of the problems with stomach cancer is that In some cases it is completely asymptomaticand when they cause some discomfort, they are very non-specific and can be confused with symptoms of other gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcers or gastritis.

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between the The most common symptoms List of gastroenterologists:

  • Indigestion.

  • Weight loss.

  • Pain in the upper abdomen.

  • Changes in bowel systems.

  • lack of appetite

  • nausea.

  • vomiting

  • blood in stool or vomit

Because they are very non-specific symptoms, specialists recommend that anyone who experiences them see a doctor to determine what is going on.

What tests do you find?

The good news given by gastroenterologists is that thanks to advances in techniques such as gastroscopy or chromoscopy, 90% of the most common stomach cancers (intestinal type) can be detected correctly.

What do these tests consist of?

  • Gastroscopy It is a technology by which Insertion of a flexible tube into the stomach with a cameraIt is allowed to search and determine the presence of abnormalities inside the stomach.

  • ChromoendoscopyIt is a procedure that allows for a clearer assessment of lesions in the gastrointestinal tract after dye application or by digital means.

Thanks to these two tests, the gastroenterologist is able to detect stomach cancer early and its location, without consequences for the patient.

Gastrointestinal cancer figures in Spain

One in four tumors (25%) that will be diagnosed frequently in Spain in 2023 will be related to the gastrointestinal tract, according to estimates published in the report Las figuras del cáncer en España, by SEOM.

  • Specifically, 279,260 new cases of cancer were reported Diagnosed this year, 70578 will be a gastroenterologist.

Most gastrointestinal tumors diagnosed will be:

  • pancreas (9,280)

  • Stomach (6,932)

  • liver (6,695)

  • bitterness (2,648)

  • Esophagus (2302).

In case stomach cancerAnd as Dr. Rodriguez points out, It is not very common in our country (representing approximately 10% of all cases of gastrointestinal tumors detected in Spain in 2023) due to dietary habits And other unknown factors such as genetic predisposition.

  • “It is curious because this circumstance does not occur in countries like Portugal, where stomach cancer is very common & rdquor ;.

However, the improvement in the training of professionals has affected the early diagnosis of this disease, the expert stresses.

  • “Now, gastroenterologists are able to diagnose this type of cancer early and eliminate lesions among patients.

Recommendations for the prevention of stomach cancer

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Like many other tumors, the appearance of stomach cancer is directly related to lifestyle.

For this reason, the recommendations for its prevention indicated by the Spanish Gastroenterology Foundation are based precisely on this, Follow healthy habits:

  • Quit smoking.

  • Beware of obesity. We have already seen that it is a risk factor for the emergence of this type of cancer.

  • Do physical exercise daily.

  • Follow a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. In addition, it is appropriate to limit the consumption of foods rich in fats of animal origin in this diet, with the exception of fish. Limit your intake of foods that are high in calories (high in sugar or fat), and avoid sugary drinks and processed foods.

  • Reduce alcohol consumption.

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