stomach | From Spanish dishes to delicatessen across the continent: Iberian ham triumphs over haute cuisine

Mushrooms with egg yolks and ham, octopus and ham croquettes or Genoese pudding with creamy maple mascarpone and fat are some examples. cleverness Iberian is important in the upscale kitchen.

Chefs Miguel Ángel de la Cruz (La Botica de Matapuzuelos, Valladolid) and Margo Bago (Polish, Paris) and German Christian Sturm-Wilms demonstrated on Tuesday in Madrid The cooking possibilities of Iberian ham go beyond its usual way of tasting, freshly cut and on a platein law organized by the Iberian Pig Interprofessional (ASICI) with the support of the European Union.

the Variety of textures and cooking methods Detected from this product in some mushrooms with egg yolk and Iberian ham, accompanied by ham bread and Castilian soup with ham, De la Cruz details.

Chose bajo confit iberian pork cheek, black garlic and iberian meat shavings, and Genoese dessert with pork fatcreamy maple mascarpone, poached quince and buckwheat crumble, while Sturm-Willms suggested croquettes with octopus, ham, miso soup and Iberian fat.

It is about the campaign “Iberian hams from Spain, ambassadors of Europe to the world” that they want to highlight. Excellence as a global product And with so many gastronomic possibilities in kitchens around the world, “the organization points out in a note. Miguel Angel de la Cruz has highlighted that they offer”Unlimited possibilities In the kitchen, because it allows full use of the piece, “from chopping to basting”, which can be used in various stews or even mayonnaise, “and bone, which is an ingredient for” wonderful gravy “.

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For French chef Margot Bagot, it is an ingredient that is “so durable and powerful that it can be The final touch that transforms any dish into something unforgettable For the senses”, while Christian Storm-Wilmes recognizes that due to its quality, Iberian ham has become a “jewel of Spanish gastronomy” because of its versatility and because it gives a “special touch” to their dishes.

Paris, Hamburg, and Mexico City have already hosted these kind of events in which the many culinary uses of ham are recognized by chefs.

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