Steps to know how to charge an electric car | How to charge an electric car

measures such as implementation low emission zones (ZBE) In Spain, which since then January 1, 2023 It will prevent the most polluting cars from reaching the heart of cities, it is motivating Buying more sustainable carsamong which stand out electrifiedespecially rechargeable ones with ECO and Zero Emissions stickers.

But to popularize the use of this type of vehicle 100% electric and plug-in hybridsIt is necessary to have a file Good general freight infrastructure. This will help the population to get acquainted with the little-known transcharge, since many motorists who use this type of car still do not know which one is the most suitable according to the characteristics of their car. And that’s when talking about it Electric vehicle charging There are some concepts regarding charger types, connectors, or charging times, which can lead to confusion.

Charging electric and plug-in hybrid cars depends primarily on two factors: battery capacity and the Charger power available. Battery capacity is how much electrical energy it can store, while power is how much electrical energy the charger can supply to the car.

As he explains it Ramon Calderonin charge of corporate relations for SEAT e-mobility, “the user of the electrified vehicle is at their disposal Various charging modes: Type 2 (slow charging), type 3 (semi-fast charging) and type 4 (ultra-fast or ultra-fast charging). Depending on the capacity of the car battery, the power of the charger and the connector cable, it will take more or less time to charge it, ”explains Calderón.

Charge at home at night

If we have a hybrid car or a small electric car at home, we can leave it Charging overnight in the garage with a Type 2 charge As for slow charging. With this option, the vehicle is connected to the electrical network through an adapter that ensures safe recharging and is equipped with an electrical socket. household components, of those we have at home (Schuko type). In this mode (with a power of 3.6 kW) a plug-in hybrid average late between 3 and 4 hours On charge from 0 to 100% battery, and Electriciannail 16 hours Rate.

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If we had a car 100% Electrician or a plug-in hybrid Great independenceThe most recommended option is Type 3 charging mode, also known as semi-fast. The alarm wall charging point, colloquially known as a wallbox, which includes protection systems for the safety of electrical and vehicle installations. This mode allows us to work at a higher power at home. a hybrid Where the Cupra Formentor can be shipped at less than 3 hours and 100% Electrician in a less than 10 hours Rate.

Shipping away from home

outside the housethe most common is to find points Type 3 or semi-rapid recharge, because it is necessary that they be at least of this recharge level. In these, the connection is through mennekes connectors;and with a Power about 11 kWwill be the average charging time Between 30 minutes and one hour For plug-in hybrids, f Between 4 and 6 hours for 100% electricity.

Shipping is on the way

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the Mode 4 or super fastis indicated only for electric vehicles with a high 100% autonomy and, in many cases, allows charging Battery up to 80% in just 30 minutes With 100 kW. Mode 4 recharges in direct current, unlike the previous modes, which Made in AC. The most commonly used standard conductor for this type of recharge is CCS.

“These are the chargers that, due to their high price and the cost of their installation, are not designed and are not recommended for home use, and in addition to the 3 mode, they are those that the user will find in shopping centers, public roads or workplaces & rdquor,” explains Calderon. Within chargers In Mode 4, there are also ultra-fast chargers, specifically designed for outdoor public use or charging stations, where We can recharge the car during long trips or situations when we have little time. With this situation that It can exceed 350 kW of poweran average 100% electric car charges in less than 30 minutes.

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