Star product | The Aldi desk that worried Ikea executives

When they think of decorating their home or making some improvements, most people immediately think of Ikea or Leroy Merlin. But, for several years, the bazaar bets of some supermarkets such as Aldi or Lidl have been around Take the initiative to large surfaces.

This was the case with the new Aldi North officeWhich has been available in Spanish stores since the beginning of August and is sweeping German supermarket customers.

The latest decorating trends have already warned you: the northern aesthetic is in fashion and any home that respects itself should follow the principles of minimalism in the purest style. Marie Kondo. Therefore, it is not surprising that the file Aldi just launched an office It truly became a bestseller: in addition to its contemporary reach, it is Simple, cheap and easy to assemble.

As part of the section Home Creation by AldiThis desk went on sale in stores on July 30, and will be available for purchase for up to a week after that. Although the key to its success is design, it is undoubtedly the price that makes the difference: less than 50 eurowhich is a very accessible figure for such a useful and fashionable product.

Construction starts fromAn empty aluminum frame on which the wooden pieces are placed Clear this post as desk and side shelves. These small shelves hidden under your desktop make it easy to make the most of space in any room: because they save a lot of space. Without the need to install and without occupying more space on the floor.

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Altogether, Aldi’s Nordic office Size 1.02 x 0.5 x 1.17 meters: A compact model designed to fit in almost any room, and at the same time, solve any space issues you might have by building upwards.

According to experts, this type of furniture is suitable Combine with all kinds of materials or with indoor plants; It can be placed in the bedrooms of young children, in home offices or even in the living room: as an auxiliary piece of furniture or a workspace for the whole family.

Where to buy Aldi desk?

Until sold out, Aldi’s Nordic desk will be available in all supermarkets Until August 5.

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