Star product | IKEA sweeps up sales with this shoe rack that sells for just €1

Help us preserve Order in our house It is one of the greatest philosophies IKEA. The Swedish series has become the perfect alternative to keeping our home decor up to date without having to invest a lot of money.

Its product catalog continues to grow and each time it is combined More useful updates at lower prices. Its most recent success is a shoe rack that’s swept up in its price and size, allowing you to keep your shoes organized without taking up much space.

it’s about morphel, A star shoe rack that stores and organizes twice as many shoes in the same space, helping to organize all the pairs by freeing up space on the floor. allow Store it vertically and evenly.

It’s available in gray and you have some Size 14 x 14 x 24 cm But the best part is its price. This shoe rack is from IKEA It only costs 1 euro Which makes buying more than one unit in which you can arrange your shoes in a piece of furniture or closet.

The chain itself claims to be a product meticulously designed for Optimizing the space inside the cabinets or shoe racks, Because it allows you to create a double row on which shoes can be stacked and take advantage of every other available corner.

They can be purchased at physical stores and online.

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