Standart lands in Madrid with 200 works by Picasso, Dali, Miro or Banksy

With over 200 original works by him Artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miró or Banksyamong other things, First edition of the Standart Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art It will arrive in Madrid between 22 and 26 February, coinciding with the celebration of ARCO 2023, with the aim of making the city the venue for a major art event on the lines of London Art Week.

The idea is to perpetuate the exhibition and that the project can grow into a great art week, where all styles coexist. Next year, Standart wants to invite foreign galleries to come and exhibit and thus attract an international audience,” Mercè Camps, event organizer and CEO of Catalan Art Fair Camps, explained to EFE.

Standarte seeks to “broaden the cultural offer & rdquor; and Take advantage of the attractiveness of the International Contemporary Art Fair Archwhich celebrates its 43rd year this yearincluding “satellite exhibitions & rdquo; focused on this field of art.

In the first release of Standart 16 galleries from Madrid, Catalonia, Valencian Community, Galicia and Castilla-La Mancha participate, which will present more than 200 original works by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miró, Banksy, Miquel Barcelo, Jaume Plensa, Antonio Saura, Antonio Tapis, Antonio Lopez and Manolo Valdes, all documented and cataloged.

The fair, according to its organizers, is aimed at collectors and institutions, but also at art lovers, and demanding ones To distinguish itself by the quality of the works presentedwhether in painting, sculpture, engraving or drawing rdquor ;.

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Among the pieces that will be on display: “Dalí’s Tribute to Duchamp”; “La pierre philosophale” by Miró; Unpublished work of a view of Tomeloso, by Antonio Lopez; Banksy’s “No to War,” or an oil-on-canvas painting by Oscar Dominguez, was shown at Le Salon de Mai in Paris the same year it was held, in 1996.

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The venue chosen to celebrate the first edition of Standarte is The headquarters of the Diario Madrid Foundation, located at number 14 Calle Lara, A modern building linked since its opening in 1908 to the world of journalism since throughout its history it housed magazines such as Nuevo Mundo and La Esfera or newspapers such as El Sol, La Voz, Arriba and Marca.

The building that houses the businessJournalists, intellectuals and politicians, from Mariano de Cavia to Ortega y Gasset or Ramón J. During the penultimate week of February, it will make way for the works of the great names of contemporary art at Standart, which its organizers intend to “replicate” if the exhibition ends up settling in Madrid.

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