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“It’s better to have a mirror ball.” They have already been warned Arctic monkeys In his first preview New and seventh disc The Car, which just arrived in all stores and platforms. And yes there is: between the call to a dance (It’s better to have a mirror ball(and good night kiss)feeling perfectthe song that closes the disc), Scattered images of fragmented worlds Like the light that a mirror ball returns to the walls, sparkling, dreamy, but also illusory, fractal. From that high west who is The Car To the precious orchestral song “Body Paint”, passing by your funk “I’m not quite where I think I exist” or the wonderful ones Anything Goes Statues it has a voice Alex Turner Appears as a hallucination among dark compounds that would do well as a soundtrack for a lysergic horror noir Panos Cosmatos. A very cinematic, tactile and elegant record.

This does not mean that there is some skates (Mr. Schwartz is kind of California hotel Away from the step, keep this yes with touches of impeccable Lee Hazlewood and Turner’s lyrics; ‘Jet sky on the trench’ doesn’t quite do the unconventional ‘Arpeggiato’ fusion) in general, Some dynamism is missing On the album as a whole, as a result of Turner’s vocal performance which was very monotonous – one does not become the singer Overnight – no matter how seasoned with falsettos this is.

“From the Ritz to the ruins”, back to the Ritz

Someone might be disappointed with this new album: Where’s that nerve from the first albums, that nasally ragged voice of Turner, Matt Helders’ drumbeat? However, in a cultural moment where nostalgia prevails, Alex Turner and his men go free forward. Tranquility Base Hotel & CasinoHis previous album, full of embellishments, space popIt was not an experiment, but a statement of intent. “From the Ritz to the ruins” and now back to the Ritz.

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The North Pole here may no longer sing about sticky beer floors, or timid kisses flavored with dandelion and burdock, or lonely nights in crowded rooms, but still, This feeling that happiness ran away for just a second keeps on conquering with equal force. As in the best Badalamenti, in It’s better to have a mirror ball Just a dissonant note is enough for a romantic dream to acquire strange and disturbing tones. We are now in a world of luxury hotels, imported whiskey and leather sofas, yes, but a place where the wall of the luxurious room hides the damp, and the ballroom curtains are full of dust, the champagne is hot, and the air is so old. Battery Devil

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