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Sport is essential to keep our physical and mental health in good shape. According to the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC): “Doing 30 minutes of physical activity a day extends life expectancy by five years.” The truth is that exercise keeps the body alive, no matter how old we are.

Although from the age of 50, many people may not see it that way, especially women. Although there are more difficulties and not the usual exercises, Female athletes do not want to give up physical activity for many years to come. But some doubt which exercises are most appropriate for their age. Here we explain the best posture for women who have reached the age of 50.


According to experts from Harvard University, Burpee It is one of the best exercises for women who have already reached the age of 50. This exercise is very intense as you have to jump with your arms outstretched and then throw yourself to the ground and do a push-up, bring your whole body to the ground and then come back up.

To prevent this exercise from causing injury to the woman, there is a variable that not many are aware of: Indian burpee This is recommended by Harvard experts, as jumps are eliminated, as is pressure.

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The way to do that is by putting yourself in it Downward dog position Lower your upper body to the floor, then move forward slightly so that your entire body drops as you move into Upward Dog. It’s the same technique as traditional Burpees, but in this case, you need to do a few more times to notice its benefits.

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Indian burpee is essential to Maintaining an adequate weight and above all, to prevent the risk of injury when this age has already entered. Although you want to stay healthy, you will also have to accompany this exercise with a good diet. With these guidelines, no matter your age, your body will be just as fit.

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