Sports at home | These 5 apps will motivate you to exercise without leaving home

Everyone knows what Two main pillars of living a healthy life: a balanced diet and regular exercise. Nobody questions this theory, but it’s easy to put it into practice. Many consider it a goal for the new year, but as the weeks go by, the motivation wanes. So much so that with spring approaching, only the most sedentary people are left slipping on their sneakers early in the morning on their way to the gym or the park.

But why does this happen? The causes are very diverse, and although they vary greatly depending on each person, a series of general guidelines can be drawn up. Specifically, two: Lack of time and lack of desire. It is very difficult to maintain motivation, especially in cases where the results do not appear at the first change. This means that there is never a good time to put on a tracksuit. However, this does not mean that it is an acceptable excuse to return to a sedentary life and indulge in junk food.

Continue to eat an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables and reduce the presence of unhealthy fats The key is organization. Taking some time every Sunday to plan a healthy, balanced weekly menu has many benefits. In this way you can put in legumes for a few days, a good contribution of vegetables every day, more fish than meat … And by the way, you organize well the days you go shopping and you don’t have to cook all days.

On the other hand, the issue of exercise is not so simple. For this reason, a great alternative is to suggest Move in the house. Thus, the excuses related to the weather (it’s too cold or too hot, it’s raining…) disappear. Finding a space to exercise is also easier, as you can take advantage of any free time. However, the bad part is that, on many occasions, a professional is missing to guide progress. But for that, again, technology came to our rescue.

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Recently, apps that pursue this goal: to help people get to know each other have multiplied Join the sport from homeWhich does not mean watching football or tennis from the sofa. Many also include a healthy eating section, which makes them even more complete. Although most of them are paid, many offer free versions to try and see if they are a good fit for us before shelling out the money. Here is a selection of five of them.

8 fit

Those who want to join the bandwagon of healthy living have their app in this. It has several very useful sections, especially training and recipes, but it also includes a success story section so that users are convinced that achieving their goals is possible. Within the sports section there are exercises HIIT, Boxing, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation, all of which are divided into different levels according to physical form. Her goal is to transform the concept of fitness so that it becomes a path that introduces healthy, positive and lasting habits. The application is available in six languages ​​and can be accessed by a Free trial.

Free policy

It also includes a section on sports and another section on food. Within this first you can access more than 350 custom exercises “To help you gain strength inside and out.” Best of all, there are options for working out with equipment or just with your body. It also adapts to those who arrive with a certain physical tone and to those who want to start from scratch. All with the aim of making progress visible and thus generating commitment. It includes a warm-up section and a stretching section to avoid injuries. It is available for iOS and Android.

7M Fitness

The premise is basic: one can Get fit in just seven minutes. Of course, you have to do several sessions of working out different muscle groups combining cardio and strength training to make it more complete. This is the key to 7M Fitness’s success, making it simple can be very complex. There is a version for women and is designed to achieve goals in a short time. What many call “winning”.

daily yoga

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Yoga came into practice a few years ago and it can now be said without any doubt that it is here to stay. The fever of this sport has never stopped growing and it has more and more followers. Not surprisingly, a recent study from Harvard University points to this In just a half hour session you can burn up to 200 caloriesAlthough this depends a lot on each person. In addition, it helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, contributes to relaxation, increases self-confidence, coordination, and concentration, and contributes to better sleep. This is why the success of Daily Yoga, an app that has more than Hundreds of yoga and meditation classes For all levels of difficulty.


This app promises to help you with physical activity Any time and any place. Likewise, he promises to create specific plans for each person depending on their goal: lose weight, gain muscle, improve flexibility, increase resistance, reduce pain, or simply stay in good physical shape. Unlike other versions, this one also has the option to deal with it directly through their website No need to download any app.

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