Spicy Mercadona Mayonnaise Sauce that brightens up any meal or snack

Mercadona continues to add novelties to its shelves. These are the products added to your cart that more often than not please buyers. A few days ago, the supermarket chose to bring to Spain Portuguese products that were widely consumed in the neighboring country and are now also a success in our country.

Mercadona has been able to gain market share over the past few years through various strategies. One of the most successful startups in recent years is prepared foods. These are foods cooked in the same supermarket that can be eaten on the spot. Another key to success, particularly in large cities, has been the expansion of home delivery that can be enjoyed in just a few hours.

Now, the Valencia chain has surprised consumers with its spicy mayonnaise sauce. It is sold in a bottle of 200 ml and its price is 2.30 euros.

Mercadona changes the fries aioli

Mercadona renews its recipe Potatoes with brand aioli Farmer. The company is sticking to more homemade flavor and texture, with fewer toppings and with a new sauce of alioli and parsley inside.

This change, available to customers in the more than 1,600 stores the company owns in Spain since the end of July, has been prepared by Totaler Nueva Cocina Mediterránea supplier at its facilities located in Alcantarilla (Murcia), which has created 18 new jobs. , stable and quality, after increasing production capacity through optimization.

Mercadona launched the SPB (Always Low Prices) strategy in 1993, after observing and verifying that the most sold products were of the highest quality at the best price, always in that order; And they didn’t change their cost constantly. During all these years, the company has not stopped betting on quality, which is one of the main challenges that all divisions of the chain face daily and whose promotion is a clear opportunity to be able to continue to offer “El Boss & rdquor; (customers) products, one by one, the differences .

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And all through a strategy that encourages conscious and critical consumption, which is guided by social and environmental standards, and which pursues a clear goal: ensuring the consumption of products of the highest quality with the least possible impact and thus helping to improve the quality of life for the people who inhabit this planet and for future generations.

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