Spanish tourists spent more than ever in the summer because of the inflation

The national traveler was once again a balm to the tourism sector during the summer after spending more money than usual due to savings made from the pandemic which once again acted as a shield against escalating prices. So much so, that the national tourist signed its best summer spending period in Spain by spending a total of 21,026 million euros, up 25% from last year, according to the resident tourism survey for the third quarter published by the National Institute of Statistics on Thursday.

This is an extraordinary spending capacity for a Spanish tourist who usually ranks much lower than other nationalities that visit us. But, at least this summer, he knew how to look them in the face. I spent 25% more, despite the fact that last year there were more domestic flights produced within our borders during the high season. While 57,034,795 trips were recorded in the third quarter of 2021, the National Institute of Statistics recorded 56,768,382 trips this year. The thing that was affected by the end of the health restrictions that returned to Spain a large part of its share as an issuance market.

More money was spent than in the years prior to the pandemic When the number of movements was much higher (the Spaniards exceeded 64 million trips in 2018). Average spending rose to 370 euros per passenger, while daily spending rose to 57 euros. The highest so far.

In any case, these are numbers that the sector expected to sign as a result of the price hike that the inflation spiral forced companies to do. In August, the strongest month of summer, hotel property prices grew by 13.3% and were the highest in history, reaching an average of €144 per room per night, according to a survey of hotels that month.

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It was precisely in the accommodation section that Spaniards left the most money over the summer (29.6% of the total), followed by spending on bars and restaurants (26.1%). The first increases by 5.4% compared to the third quarter of 2022, and the second increases by 4.9%.

With these figures, tourism has once again positioned itself as a business driver in the midst of a major economic episode for our country. At the end of the year, it is expected to come close to matching the income of 2019, as the main tourism employers in the sector have already announced, Exceltor.


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