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David Perez, 23, always wanted to be a police officer. This year he is studying at the Avila Academy. There he received a message from his superiors: they were looking for young guys who knew how to play some video games well, almost like professionals. Perez advanced because he was so good at Valorant, which is a shooting game. Today he is a member of c1b3rwall, the official esports team of the National Police.

The team will currently be competing in two video games: Valorant and the most classic of all competitive games, League of Legends. In Valorant they’ll start with the Circle of Storm, which is sort of a split second. From January, they will officially compete with two great ambitions: one, to win and climb to first place to compete with professionals. Second, to be known as agents in a new sector and away from the usual police routine. This Saturday is the team’s official presentation at the Amazon Gamergy Show in Madrid.

“It all started because thanks to the cybersecurity conference we created every year, c1b3rwall, we received many emails from esports fans who suffered from scams or had their profiles stolen,” says Casemiro Nevado, the chief inspector who launched the project. How do you reach this group that traditionally does not consume media? With an official police team competing, make streams on their Twitch channel and posting what they summed up in an edict with rules like “You don’t know who’s on the other side of the screen. Don’t share intimate photos and videos. Be careful” or “A sedentary lifestyle is not a healthy way of living.”

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The teams will also hold exhibition tournaments. The first was decided in February at the Avila National Academy. The invited team will be KPI, from Valorant. Not only will the competition be limited to video games, but eSports professionals will also have to test themselves in physical exercises with the police. “I am very surprised and would love that the police have taken this initiative,” says Eric. Satan Murillo, KPI Director. “It’s a way to reach that audience, behind the professionals there are many fans and kids. It’s a way to raise awareness across the sector,” he adds.

“We are the first police force team in the world of esports,” says Nevado. “The police should be everywhere and video games really are the most important entertainment industry,” he adds.

The project was so fast that the players still do not have a training room with suitable computers in the academy. But they’ll have it “soon,” says Nevado. The team will be similar to the ones the police already have in athletics or Olympic shooting. Nevado states that Olympic medalist Saúl Craviotto is a police officer.

Nevado had no doubts when he sent the letter to the students. “I’m sure there are specialists,” he said. Received about 70 responses. Of all, they chose 15: five starters for each video game and a few alternatives. There is a girl in the group. Another member of the League of Legends team has officially competed in esports with UCAM of Murcia.

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