Spanish Cinema | The four Spanish shorts that entered the running for the Oscars

The film “Al-Karas” did not succeed in skipping the nomination for the best foreign film in the film the Oscar from this year for titles like “Argentina, 1985,” “Decision to leave,” “All Quiet on the Front,” “The Rebel Empress,” and 11 other feature films, but in List of 15 shorts to choose fromwhich the five finalists would later emerge from, they entered Four Spanish production titles.

Getting through this first part is tough, so those responsible for these four short films really did it Small victoryand even more so if they take into account that in the last edition of the Oscars it was the Spanish director Alberto Milgo, who won the statuette for the best animated short film, even if with a film co-produced with the United States, “El limpiaparabrisas”.

What begins as a gathering of a community of neighbors to decide whether to change the elevator in the building gradually becomes a discussion about the limits and contradictions of coexistence. This is the subject of one of the short films that entered the “shortlist” of 15 titles, Our Voice, directed by Santiago Riquijo – It’s his third short film – starring Raul Fernandez and Miriam Diaz de Arauca. Works fine 12 minutes They competed in the recent Goya Awards for Best Short Fiction.

It also takes 12 minutes to go to “Tola” by Pia de Silva. This film, from the latest production, is a face-to-face confrontation between a woman in charge of cleaning the toilets of a school and the daughter of the headmaster of this school. The fuse that lights the story: the young woman is pregnant and reveals her doubts and fears to the woman. This is the debut for Silva, who worked in the directing department for the feature film “Akelarre”.

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Josep Puzo has a bigger approach behind him. In 2003 he directed the animated film El Cid, The Legend, and in 2007 he approached Cervantes’ Don Quixote from the perspective of the donkey Rocio in Donkey Xote. In 2016, he directed the thriller 73 and the teen drama Nick in real life, shot and produced in Andorra. His short film, Plastic Killer, is a 20-minute comedy with absurd overtonesAbout the relationship between a woman living in an abandoned haberdashery and a plastic bag she considers her daughter, and a woman’s confrontation with the board of directors of an organization that combats the indiscriminate use of plastic, also entered the 15-title race.

Fourth and final – The shortest duration – nine minutes – is the treatment.. Its director is Alvaro Carmona, he has several short films and created the series ‘Gente hablando’ (2018), made from different conversations between two people and starring Mickey Esparbe, Veronica Ichigi, Juanra Bonet and Berto Romero, among others. In El tratamiento, which has more than 60 awards at international and national festivals behind him, he appeals to black comedy to tell the story of a man who goes to a clinic to solve a serious problem.

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