Spanish Cinema | Carla Simon, National Film Award 2023

Director Carla Simon received the National Cinematography Award 2023. The award, which last year went to Penélope Cruz, has an endowment 30 thousand euros It is awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Highlight the distinction Most notable contribution in the field of Spanish cinema during the year preceding its award.

The jury wanted to identify the director and screenwriter L The position of Spanish cinema on the international scene with get golden bear At the Berlin Film Festival, one of most popular Worldwide, the ministry announced through a statement.

Recognition of “Alcarràs”

The award matches An unusual path at the international level Alcarràs, his second film after Estiu, 1993. However, the recognition of critics, who for months had unanimously praised the film set in a town in Lleida and starring a family trying to live on peach trees, did not permeate Goya’s latest release, as it became empty Although count With 11 nominations.

It also failed to make the cut and be among the 16 shortlisted by the Film Academy of the Film the race for the oscars, It was for this reason that it could not compete for the International Prize for Best Foreign Film, which was won by the German all-around forward, Eduard Berger.

The Simon Prize is a 2022 golden brooch for Catalan cinema. We must add to the karas Pacification, by Albert SerraIt was also accredited with awards, excellent reviews, and attendance at major festivals, despite not having a good response at the box office. And this is more than Half a million viewers Watch Al Karas in the cinema, which came as a shock to one of the sectors hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

The premiere of Simon brought the recovery of screening rooms throughout Catalonia, showed that auteur cinema does not conflict with audience success and put on the table one of the topics of conversation that in recent years has been approached from completely different angles: struggle Rural areas To survive the global pressure of major economic powers, a threat that particularly affects activities related to agriculture.

Clash between city and country

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It is no coincidence that other films like “Alcaras” like it “As bestas” and “Suro” They covered the same topic last year (the clash of city and country). The windmills of Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s film, set deep in Galicia, serve a different narrative function than the solar panels menacing the peach trees of “Alcarràs”, but they all respond to the same reality.

The National Award for Cinematography was first awarded in 1980 to Carlos Saura Since then it has been taken over by Pedro Almodovar, Fernando Trueba, JA Bayona, Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem, Jose Sacristan and others. Simone is the thirteenth woman to conquer him.

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