Spain’s most memorable moment in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision 2023 is fast approaching, and the whole of Spain wants Blanca Paloma to make history by exceeding expectations and beating the great favorite, Sweden’s Lorraine. he Eya de la ilicitana will once again bring flamenco to the competition, which is being held this year in the British city of Liverpool due to the impossibility of hosting Ukraine, the winner in 2022, due to the war it is waging with Russia per se. province.

Spain has always participated in a festival Eurovision, since 1956, the year it was established. This means that it has passed 66 times (in 2020 the competition was not held due to the Covid pandemic) on the stage of the Song of Europe. And that many times. It’s enough that there are all kinds of memories associated with Spanish actors, some great… and others we’d rather forget.

best memories

Just as Formula 1 in Spain was reinvigorated by the arrival of Fernando Alonso in the driver’s grid, there was an important turning point in the importance the Spanish public attached to the Eurovision Song Contest, and that moment was 2002. This huge success Triumph process On Spanish television and the great sympathy aroused by the public from what may have been the national representative, Rosa López, caused viewers to double that year, a trend that continued in subsequent years although those chosen to defend the national flag did so with less media hype. In fact, Rosa’s result was a hidden seventh, lower than expected.

Of course, the great Spanish success of the festival happened in 1968, when Maciel won the competition With his song “La, la, la”. However, this remarkable memory gave way to a much more chaotic one when, the following year, there was a four-way tie for first place and the Spanish organization was very confused in determining the winner. The group did another great Spanish show Mocedades in 1973, when they finished second with it’s you. The theme became incredibly popular and crossed the pond with success in Latin America.

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After a series of mediocre results, 2022 meant Spain’s return to the top positions in the festival rankings. Spanish-Cuban Chanel won the support of the whole world with her justmo Eurovision finished in third place, very close to the UK (in fact there was controversy with the vote), although the version was completely dominated by Ukraine who won the sympathy it aroused more because of the Russian invasion than that version. Features artwork for your song.

to forget

However, the road was thorny at times. Spain has faced (or directly carried out) ridicule on several occasions and for different reasons. Perhaps the clearest case John Cobra nomination. The Valencian rapper attempted to represent Spain at the festival in 2009 and 2010. Although his artistic level was almost non-existent, in both cases he received tremendous support (as a bit of a practical joke) from the online platform Forocoches. Fortunately, blood didn’t reach the river and Soraya was chosen in 2009 (John Cobra’s song was pulled because it had previously appeared on YouTube), while Daniel Diggs was chosen in 2010. Diggs had another embarrassing moment during his live performance, when he spontaneously crept onto the stage and began taking Ridiculous positions among his dancers. The security team took more than 20 seconds to respond, although the Spanish artist showed his professionalism and continued singing without showing his surprise.

Another attempt to make humor work was the 2008 edition, when Spain decided to His bet will be Rodolfo ChiquelequatreAnd alternate personality Actor David Fernandez caused equal parts laughter and embarrassment on the Eurovision stage with the actor Dance chiki-chiki.

The inability of the average Spanish with English caused another moment that we remember wryly in 2014, when the Spanish presenter, Carolina Casado, had serious problems with the pronunciation of the language and was unable to pronounce English words correctly. Eight points (eight points), to the end saying oit points To disbelieve half of Europe.

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Although Spanish actors have sometimes given great performances that have been rewarded with first places in the rankings, there have also been times when, whether due to nerves, technical problems, cultural differences or any other kind of inconvenience, the score on stage was not enough. Perhaps the clearest case thunderous 0 With whom Remedios Amaya returned to his homeland in 1983 when Spain chose flamenco with him Who drives my boat?. Obviously, they finished last in the table, tied with Turkey, who also did not score any points. TVE attributed this to “culture shock”. The truth is that the song was not bad and the singer’s performance was more than acceptable, so it can only be considered that the number of points was unfair to Sevilla.

And how can we forget the way the two sisters who make up Azúcar Moreno left the stage when a technical problem caused part of the background music not to be played at the correct time in 1990. Of course, Extremadura managed to repeat the performance and Mugger He finished in a more than worthy fifth place.

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