Spain will receive 81 million euros from EU agricultural reserves on Tuesday due to drought

European Commission It gave the go-ahead this Friday with 330 million assists 22 Member States affected by climatic disasters such as floods or droughts. Of this total, Spain is the main beneficiary, as it will receive next Tuesday 81 million euros from agricultural reserves to compensate for losses resulting from the water shortage crisis.

“This support package comes at a time when farmers continue to face these challenges,” said the Polish European Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, who reported the package’s adoption by the Community Executive after receiving the prior approval of the 27. On July 10th.

With this aid, Brussels The agricultural reserve is left blank for this year. Although UNHCR sources have indicated that this fund can be strengthened if necessary to face future crises, EP reports. Specifically, the package consists of 250 million agricultural reserves and an additional 80 million from the EU budget.

UPA spokesperson Diego Jost noted in a conversation with the ABC that “any help is welcome” though he stressed that “The losses are estimated at millions of dollars and exceed the amount of aid,” he added. In addition, he commented, “What is now important is that this money is channeled as quickly as possible so that it reaches the families of farmers and ranchers quickly.”

From UPA they explain Money often takes “longer than it should”. These, once sent from Brussels, must pass through the government who distributes them to the autonomous communities, which are the ones who pay the farmers and ranchers. For this reason, they remember that some communities still cannot help and ask that they “do more of their part” and that they “complete” them, especially in those most affected areas such as Andalusia.

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This is the Third Aid Fund After the first shipment of 56.3 million was given to Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian farmers, the second of another 100 million went to the five neighboring countries hardest hit by increased grain imports from Ukraine: Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia.

Now that it has been finally approved, the aid will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union next Monday and will be available to member states a day later, starting Tuesday 18 July, community sources have confirmed to the European Parliament.

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