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In a few weeks, 2022 will end. And with the entry of 2023 The long-awaited year of Sorolla will arrive. While the activities around The centenary of the death of the master of light Valencia, auction houses continue their course and offer for sale some of the jewels left by the painter in life. In the month of December, no fewer than two Sorolla paintings were sold London s Madrid.

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Specifically, the Madrid piece take the habit, gouache and gouache On paper 50 x 97 cm. auction house Ansurinathe entity selling it, states that “the original work of Joaquin Sorolla Bastida It was painted in Italy in 1888, during his retirement in Rome by the Diputación de València. It was sold to the art collector from Buenos Aires, Matías Errazuriz, at the exhibition organized by José Artal at the Witcomb Hall in Buenos Aires in 1900. “From the Art House they follow the history of the work:” In 1942 Matias Errazuriz Alvear, son of the collector, presented it at an exhibition honoring Sorolla from the Spanish Cultural Institute in Buenos Aires, and reproduced on page 63 of the book catalog published by said institution. In 1973 it was shown in the sample painters of the Valencian Country, In the Art Gallery of Valencia. “The work will be sold at auction on the 14th by 100,000 euros.

Sorolla’s second work, which will go on sale next Thursday, represents one of the most exemplary and collector’s prints. Oil on canvas Valencia beach Go on sale Sotheby’s auction house in London Price starting from 70 thousand euros. This small piece, measuring 23 by 33 cm, was a donation made by Sorolla himself to Jacques Cobo, general manager of the Théâtre Comédie-Francis, a collaborator of Georges Petit in Paris between 1905 and 1909. Sorolla gave him this gift “in gratitude for Cobo’s participation in staging his 1906 solo exhibition at the Georges Petit Gallery,” explains Sotheby’s, which sells the painting. Now in the hands of a private collection, the painting was painted around 1898 and represents Valencia, a theme Sorolla had been conceiving for several years.

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His interest in the subject matter was inspired, at least in part, by the maxim of Jules Bastien-Lepage, which urged painters to paint what they knew and to represent the subjects closest to them. The result was a series of canvases centered around the fishing community of Valencia, with subjects such as the repair of fishing nets, building boats, and harvesting the catch.By the late 1890s, it was a style Sorolla He became more and more an impressionist, which he perfected in his oil paintings. His masterful free execution and the spirit that imbues his works are qualities that go to the heart of Sorolla’s aesthetic and explain his enduring popularity,” they explain from Sotheby’s.

Regarding the history of the painting, the British Auction House adds that “when Sorolla gave the work to Jacques Cobo, he added an additional signature and inscription and dated the work in 1906.”

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