Sordo (CC.OO) guarantees a conflict scenario if the employer continues to sidestep the salary agreement

He’s heating up on May 1 and warns that unions will put “all the meat on the grill” and go “as far as it has to go.”

Unai Sordo, leader of the workers’ committees Miguel Muniz

The Secretary General of Comisiones Obreras, Unai Sordo, confirmed that there would be a conflict scenario if the CEO commits DaringWaiting for a change in the political cycle and avoiding the “appropriate” distribution of wages during this period.

at an event organized by him Spanish Communist PartySordo stressed that in the absence of a wage agreement, the unions must put “all the meat on the grill” and bet on the mobility scenario or strikes that “reach the limit”.

“Does the CEOE really want to tackle this scenario with a risk of conflict In Spain? It is an irresponsible policy. There must be a distribution of wealth through salary, and businessmen cannot allocate the resources they have,” he added.

During his speech, Sordo also stated that he was “confused” by the hostility he displayed Small and medium business representatives Self-employed in employers before the establishment of the Business Margins Observatory.

In addition, he advocated that it should be both freelancers and small business owners who should “shout out” about this. Observatory And to create an index that scores companies’ performance in economic terms, to advance from there in collective bargaining, Ep reports.

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