song | “Shakira is angry and women are not beings of light”: feminists explain the song

whatIs Shakira an empowered woman? For singing about her breakup, or is her song a reflection of patriarchy? From now on, BZRP Music Sessions #53 will be remembered as Shakira’s smash hit against her ex-husband, Gerard Pique, his new girlfriend, Clara Xia, and even her ex-mother-in-law, the Montserrat Bernabéu.

And also the discussion that began almost in the early morning in every home – did the singer go too far? — and broaden horizons With each answer I tried to answer a handful of questions posed by the beat: Does the singer act like an alpha male handed over to the fury of a “beef” (duel rapper)? Does the artist have the right to turn her intrusion into one of pop’s most self-referential chapters? What do the allusions to a new ex-girlfriend say about a sorority? Is talk of Ferraris and Twingos playing unification?

Politicians, writers, comedians, and feminists have signed up to biopsy the song. Comment above Comment below Here’s a certain consensus: Although Shakira could have avoided references to Shea, it’s exhausting, if not boring, Demand a perfect feminist message For what cultural manifestation women make when the same is not done with men.


This is not the first time Shakira has released a song about her love life. In fact, in “I fell in love” he explained the beginnings of his relationship with Pique, which became official in 2011. Shortly after the breakup with the footballer, he published “I congratulate you”, in collaboration with Rao Alejandro, about the end of the relationship. In the letter, he criticized some of the footballer’s positions. For example: “I can’t stand two-faced people, you treat me like another one of your cravings.” But even in this case, Shakira’s words caused a lot of controversy.

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Covadonga Primarch, a spokeswoman for Emergencies Feminism, explains that the new topic is for Colombian It breaks a traditional schema of a deserted, sad and lonely woman. “The patriarchal system forces separated women to grieve,” she explains. Its lyrics are, in her opinion, “a shout-out feminist and empowerment”. And he gave an example: “Women do not cry, women are billed & rdquor;.” The expert recalls that it is a situation that contrasts with a scene, for example, of Chenua’s assumption in front of journalists – in a tracksuit and emaciated – how bad she is after her breakup with Bisbal.

“When you go, the wolf comes back.”

Chinua, specifically, today posted a tweet in which he said: “When you’re gone, the wolf returns… an apparent reference to Shakira with one of her most famous songs. Anyway, the Feminist Emergency spokeswoman explains that it’s not important to know whether the Colombian’s claim is a launch a feminist message because its claim is, in fact, “cultural.”Shakira is angry. It is fully entitled to be. Women are not beings of light“.

Attorney Carla Fall, for her part, explains that she is among the ranks of Shakira, who says her song has “the coolest and rdquor parts; He quotes verses in which the Colombian refers to Pique’s new partner.

In these clips, Shakira clearly alludes to the young woman’s name and compares her to something of an “inferior class”. For example, “I traded in a Rolex for a Casio.” In the opinion of the lawyer, this He “objects” and reveals the young woman who, until two days ago, was unidentified, adding great psychological pressure. In this age of loudness, that’s wrong. In this sense, Education Minister and PSOE spokeswoman Pilar Alegria called the song “a great song,” though, like the lawyer, she admits she doesn’t like to compare one woman to another.

The song opened up other cross-sectional discussions. Some voices criticized, for example The harshness of speech and its impact on children for the couple. In this regard, Mar García Puig, editor and deputy of En Comu Podem, asked on Twitter if mothers “do not have the right to ‘beef'”.

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Journalist and activist Iranzo Varela recalled on Twitter one of Shakira’s youthful songs (“If You’re Gone”), in which she also talks about breaking up. In this case, the translator asked her ex-partner to reconsider the decision. “Without you,” he says, “the world no longer matters to me.” In an apparent endorsement of Shakira’s new song, Valera says, “What I’ve learned in 20 years.

Screenwriter and comedian Henar Alvarez also brought fuel to the fire and questioned how freedom of expression often ends up being “undermined” in the name of “sorority”. “They release a lot of songs insulting their partners’ new friends [en alusión a temas de Maluma o Bad Bunny] And no one talks about the brothers or that they are bad men – as the humorist emphasized -. Let’s see if we can stop buying into the frames that patriarchy restricts us and We stop seeing any discussion between women as a fight“.

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