Sofia Otero, Silver Bear for Best Performance at the Berlinale

It’s never a good idea to get carried away with victory, and that’s especially true when talking about something as volatile as a man’s health. Spanish cinema. But it’s hard not to be tempted to do it when you think about how to do it He began to spoil us Berlinale. Just a year after Carla Simon won the Golden Bear for Best Film here thanks to “Alcarràs”, thus ending a 35-year drought during which films made within our borders remained absent from successive German competition awards, Tonight Sofia Otero won a Silver Bear for Best Leading Performance thanks to her work opposite “20,000 Bees,” The first feature film by Basque director Orisola Solagoren, Estibalez. At nine years old – he shot the film at the age of eight, thus becoming the youngest person to win an award in the entire history of the festival.

The list of winners of the ceremony that took place a few hours ago includes two Spanish directors: Jury Prize in Encuentros Parallel Division, It focuses on avant-garde cinematic motifs, and has been shared “ex aequo” by “Samsara” by Galician Louis Patiño, and by “Orlando, ma biographie politique”, the first film by Burgos philosopher Paul B. Preciado. Being on the ‘20,000 Species of Bees’ winners list was a given Since the film, shown here last Tuesday, is a portrait of the family and social misunderstanding experienced by a girl with gender dysphoria. Yes, the pools did not expect that their access road to it was precisely Otero’s work, perhaps because of this Awards for children’s actors and actresses are not repeated in festivals and they do not have a good reputation. It remains to be seen if the choice of a cisgender person to embody a trans character will spark controversy; while, The most plausible thing that can be said about Otero’s explanation is that it’s fantastic.

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His reward, however, is certainly representative The most daring decision Among the list of winners seems to be the priority of rewarding well-known authors. Thanks for choosing ‘Sur l’Adamant’ as Golden Bear for Best Picture, Frenchman Nicolas Philibert became the second documentary filmmaker to receive the main prize from the Berlinale in its entire history, and coincidentally earned his greatest recognition in more than two decades, since To be and to Have (2002) turned him into an unlikely author. movie star. His new job delves into a ship docked in the Seine River turned health center for the mentally ill, From there, it serves as an honest tribute to a type of character that cinema usually doesn’t care about and as a convincing claim to the value of public health. It is an unexpected but indisputable prize.

The big names, shall we say, also monopolize the main positions in the award list. The Grand Jury Prize awarded to the comedy “Afire” is a new impetus to the already long career of Christian Petzold, Perhaps the best active German director; Jury Prize for “Mal vivir” It marks the first notable international award in the career of the Portuguese joao canegu, Expert in the field of melodrama. and the Silver Bear Award for Best Director: Philippe Garrel His new film rewards La Grand Chariot, but the whole career of who is a pure living legend of French cinema. Although somewhat conservative, the choices of all three make a lot more sense than the Best Supporting Performance award being given to trans German actress Thea Airey for her work on “Till the End of the Night.” No movie this stupid should get any reward.

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