Social Security announces 2,000 public jobs: Requirements, deadlines, and applications

2023 is the year of the opposition: the post office, the national police, the general administration of the state, education … and now also for social security. The Bank of England on April 18th published the call for Administrative positions and senior social security techniciansbetween open access sites and internal promotion.

The BOE determines the exact number of puts on each call. The first process is entering the Social Security Administration Corps. In this sense, there is 659 places through the free access systemIn addition to another 839 through the internal upgrade system. In other words, anyone who meets the requirements can choose the first positions, while the second does not mean hiring new employees, but rather the positions are filled with employees who are already working in the same department.

The second operation published by the Bank of England is entry into the senior corps of technicians in the Social Security Administration. In this case, they provide 284 free access places And 203 positions for internal promotion.

In either case, the management keeps the jobs For people with some degree of disability 33% at least. For the Social Security Administration, the number of reserved places is 93, and for senior technicians, the places for people with this legal status are 27.

Deadline for submitting applications and requirements

As reported by Social Security, the application deadline 20 business days Calculated from the day following the date of publication in the Bank of England. That is, if the call is made on April 18th, the last day for applications is May 18th.

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In addition, to be able to apply, the interested parties must have a surname Technical Engineer, University Diploma or Degree Or you have the conditions to obtain it at the end date of the application period.

The Bank of England indicates that the opposition’s first exercise will take place in A Three months maximum The opposition phase of the selection process will have a maximum period of eight months.

How to register for exhibitions

Registration must be done through the Government’s Selective Examinations page. The text states that the application must be made electronically and form 760 is filled in, scanned documents are attached to the application, electronic payment of fees, and electronic registration of the application.

«At the public access point, the object and the corresponding access form will be selected and the “Register” button will be pressed. Then, the option “Make registration online” will be selected, the “Access Cl @ ve” button will be pressed and the instructions shown on the Cl @ ve electronic identification and signature platform will be followed in any of its ways. confirms the Bank of England.

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