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Some time ago, WhatsApp added a capability Create and send 3D avatars. Since then, the experience has been improved applications with these types of services. Recently, they added the possibility Create stickers from a photo and They are now Test the new version This service has been improved.

Platform It will be released soon For all users this post has already begun to appear in Android version This new service consists of access cartoon to the platform. The app works on Animate avatar stickers that users create themselves. Another novelty regarding this service is the possibility Create an avatar by taking a photo to achieve more accurate results.

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To start using it, just Find it in the corresponding tab. Along with the rest of the stickers. You just have to click on one of them to unhide it in conversation. If you can’t find it, you may have to search for it from the same section. Although it will have to Wait for new updates To find out how this new service works.

Right now, the posters don’t have a move, but that’s to be expected Can move on from the next update. Although it is in the development stage, Some users managed to enjoy it of stickers. In the beta update can be used now, although not available to all users, It is expected to arrive soon This update is for other devices and users.

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