So are the Fallas de Gandia, the alternate queens of Valencian society

  • At present, there are 23 Fallas Committees which are involved in symbolic actions such as plants Wave Cream night

  • The city’s attractions invite you to visit it in all seasons of the year

The range of activities and plans offered by Gandia is extensive. It has an important historical and cultural heritage and a natural environment that invites you to visit it throughout the year. But, without a doubt, a party Defects, held on March 16, 17, 18 and 19, is an experience not to be missed. The streets are filled with music and the valeros parade in countless parades, dressed up Traditional dress Valencian.

Las Fallas de Jandia, due to its traditions and history, was declared in 2015, by decree, The origin of cultural interest intangible by the plenary session of the Consell de la Generalitat. This Valencian city is the third in which antiquities began to appear on the streets, in 1876, after Valencia and Chativa, although it was not. Until 1927-1928 When the party was fully consolidated in the city.

Symbolic verbs

Currently, there are a total of 23 failed commissions who participate in symbolic events such as plantsaward ceremony, presentation of flowers to the Virgen de los Desamparados or Maskla That every Fallas week afternoon makes the city noisy. The party ends with Cream nightWhen all imperfections burn, San Jose’s night lights up.

The starting pistol from Fallas de Gandia is baptism, where Federació de Falles chooses a child of Fallas roots to baptize with Fallera Mayor as godmother, a very distinctive tradition of the municipality. This act is celebrated every March 16th In the church of Sant Josep located in the Raval district.

Waller Museum

During the rest of the year, you can visit Waller Museum, where party tradition goes hand in hand with the latest technology. In this way, with the help of modern multimedia technologies, the most special moments of Fallas de Gandia are reproduced and all the crafts associated with the celebration can be discovered.

The museum offers a different experience city ​​roots Valencian. In addition, you can enjoy a gallery summit Ninots and the process of creating a Fala, to learn about the Valero artist’s trade.

Likewise, the secrets Fallera dress And traditional clothing, and you are allowed to experiment with what MascaraSurrounded by traditional music. Finally, the secret of fire and gunpowder is revealed. In short, it is a different museum with educational and interactive spaces.

Excellent cuisine

Gandia is one of the most prominent exponents of Mediterranean food. the vegetable garden Provides natural ingredients to prepare a Excellent cuisine, to which fish and shellfish that come directly from the local market and rice are also added. the Video from Gandia It is the hallmark of the city, a dish that tastes of the sea, but also one of the professions and fishing traditions of Grao. The city is, therefore, an essential place for Good foodie.

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also , cultural legacy Of the city is, without a doubt, another major attraction. Discovering Los Borgia is a unique experience that shows the imprint of ducal splendor in the hands of the most powerful Valencian family in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries. Travel Borgia province It is a walk through a kaleidoscope of art, landscapes, history and culture.

the Borgia Road It takes you to visit the Ducal Palace, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Plaza Mayor and discover the Collegiate Church of Santa María, stroll through the historic center to the Convent Church of Santa Clara, admire the works on display at the Santa Clara Museum, contemplate a panoramic view of the city at the Mirador del Serpis, walk around the Plaza de la Antigua Universidad and stop by the Borgia sculptures by Manolo Boix, or delve into the spirituality of the chapel of Blessed Andrés Hibernón and the convent of San Roque.

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