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It may surprise you, but age is no longer a barrier to smoking. It’s clearly not a thing for adults anymore, because it’s impossible not to see kids smoking with the famous vapers on the street. There is more and more Teens and even young children Those who have a habit of vaping with electronic cigarettes.

The truth is that the tobacco industry is looking for more customers and with it more proposals that attract young people. Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate cigarettes Even flavors you couldn’t imagine, are the ones sweeping the market right now.

And not only that, now the vaping industry aims Making cigarettes decorated with cartoon characters how Spongebob To make young children think they are toys.

“We have to stop this drift.”

Andrés Zamorano, President of the National Committee for Tobacco Control (CNPT), who has positioned himself in favor of stopping this trend that more and more young people are joining: “You have to stop this drift that has started and do it categorically,” he points out.

And the World Health Organization did not want to remain silent on this topic either, blaming the advertising of these products: “More and more children and adolescents are becoming victims of the tobacco industry and other related companies, which target them directly through Advertising tactics And a new group of products hazardous to health. These industries are moving very quickly to launch new and existing products, and use all possible means to expand their market share before being trapped by new regulations.”

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These products are easily accessible on the Internet, above all through Very attractive prices.

Experts in the article also point out that turning devices into collectibles can also encourage young people to buy multiple devices. In addition, some children have this item as a file kind of game because of the new designs, without really realizing the purpose and materials it contains.

Alert states

In the face of increased regulation of electronic newspapers, the French Ministry of Health has already given Warning sound. He also pointed out that social networks have a strong force in spreading this trend among young people.

Related news

For the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warning letters to five companies for The unauthorized sale of 15 electronic cigarettes shaped game. Most of these are shaped and shaped like characters from The Simpsons or the Minions.

What is going on with these e-cigarettes is that they may look like toys to me and give the impression that they are not harmful, but the truth is, Masks nicotine and other substances Really harmful and can be addictive in young children.

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