smiling | Beware: OCU alerts you to this Netflix account-related scam

Last Wednesday, February 8th Netflix has finished sharing the account Between the different houses in Spain that will be full at the end of this month. To make the situation easier, the platform requires subscribers to choose a main home and will charge an additional €5.95 for connections that happen outside that main home (with some exceptions that can be modified).

And in the middle of the process of changing accounts, consumer organization OCU warns A A new scam attempt related to this change of accounts. Did you receive a message alerting you that there is a problem with your Netflix account? Be warned: it’s a fraudwhich aims to retain your access data so that you can use it from other sites later.

What is the fraud?

The smile that OCU alerts about Netflix is ​​nothing more than an attempt at it phishing through an SMS. Try this Stealing user login details by impersonating Netflix and direct the user to Another website with a similar look on the platform flow.

What is this deception?

The user receives an SMS in it The cybercriminal pretends to be Netflix They tell the subscriber that there is a problem with the payment, that the account has been blocked, or that there is an incident and they encourage the user to click a link included in the message. This link redirects to a page that is not from Netflix but appears to be, and it is on this webpage that the unsuspecting user is prompted Please login again to resolve the issue.

in The complete process of switching between Netflix user accounts It is very easy to fall into the trap of believing a message is credible.

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This is not the first time that cybercriminals have used it Netflix as an excuse for this type of scamwhich are usually launched at times when users are most likely to be entrapped from the confusion they are experiencing.

Recommendations to avoid scams via SMS

To prevent someone from stealing your data through this technique, phishing, which is just a different type of phishing, you can follow these recommendations:

suspicion If you receive an email, SMS or WhatsApp

  • It asks you to do a certain thing Work urgently or immediately

  • What does he ask of you Enter a specific web page through a link.

  • What do you offer? Refund is supposed to be pending claim

  • Contains Spelling or grammatical errors or unusual expressions

  • This asks you to open an attached file, access a website, or make a payment


  • Verify that the url of the link they are asking you to enter is from an official website, or contains a certificate.

  • Avoid entering links directly from SMSor whatsapp or email. Go to your usual app or web address and log in from there to check what is being asked.

  • Be careful when following links: According to the system, you must not enter through any link that comes in a text message.

  • If you have questions, consult Netflix directly through their help page or through the official communication channels.

  • Can a report Always this type of procedure for the forces and bodies of state security or INCIBE.

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