Smart nutrition tailored to every athlete

Nutrition is an essential component of athletic performance and ensuring an adequate diet tailored to our individual needs has proven to be quite challenging. Trip2Balance, It seems that a new startup in Madrid has finally found the answer to this challenge full of questions.

This startup has created a platform that combines technology and nutrition to offer users a unique and completely customized experience. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), Trip2Balance uses biometric information, each user’s individual goals and even schedules and training sessions to create a real-time diet that adapts to each athlete’s needs in order to improve their performance.

Firm believers in “Nutrition 2.0” – an approach that takes a modern and personalized approach to nutrition that takes into account each person’s individual needs rather than a holistic approach and is based on nutritional science using advanced techniques of data analysis, genetics and technology -, the company also plans to offer its users the possibility to purchase food and even Nutritional supplements from within the platform.

To access the services it is only necessary to create an account, enter vital information, sporting goals, training routine and choose a subscription plan. There are two versions, one free and one pro for €9.90 per month. The biggest difference between the two is that the free version only gives you access to the platform and it is the user who has to add his meals, while in the PRO version it generates a very personalized diet, ”explains the CEO and co-founder of the company, Diego Vilda.

The Fitness and Sports market is one of the largest and fastest growing markets worldwide Nutrition plays an important role in the performance of athletes. The new startup, chosen by Lanzadera to be part of its Traction program, is not afraid to enter the fitness market, which in 2021 has a value of 65.680 million, according to Grand View Research.

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The startup, founded in May 2021 by its three founders, Diego Vilda (CEO), Santiago Burgess (CTO) and Antonio Andujar (VP Nutrition), grew out of Vilda’s personal experience as a footballer. “I decided to hire a nutritionist, which completely changed my life. But I also saw the bad part, how it affected my social life or that on days when I was doing things that weren’t planned, I found myself getting hungrier or more tired. And I thought there had to be a better way of doing things,” explains the CEO.

Outlook – Perspectives

The company, which is still in the pilot phase, raised a €230,000 funding round last year, however, the CEO emphasized that they continue to “look for travel companions” that will allow them to accelerate their growth. This year they plan to open their app to the public and expect to cross 50,000 active users.

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