Small contributions, big changes | Today, October 21, is Energy Saving Day.

  • Did you know that today is Energy Saving Day?

  • A very important field in recent years. Those small contributions that can make big changes

On October 21 celebrate day Energy Saving Day. A day that has little relevance and should start charging for it. Caring for the environment is a task for all citizens of the world, because today, if we want a future here, we will have to take some initiatives for our successors.

Deep down we all know we have to do it Take care of the planet And make good use of energy. Like many things, we all know the theory but most of the time We do not practice this practice. In our desire as a society to industrial, economic and technological development, as well as to use resources such as coal and oil indiscriminately, we end up destroying the environment, without taking into account the irreparable harm it can cause us.

Energy like everything is running out, Climate change affects us more and more The environment suffers devastating consequences. That is why there are more and more associations and initiatives to combat all these problems.

Although there are a lot of initiatives and actions to regulate all this, combating it is not enough. We must be restrained and do everything we can.

An invitation to reflect on our energy consumption in everyday life, and aims to raise awareness of the need to work together in search of favorable policies Energy Efficiency and the Conservation of natural resources.

Citizen’s work

mentality of us People must change in terms of actions What can we do in general, there is always a tendency to think that my grain of sand won’t hold anything, and therefore I don’t make the effort for it. But if, instead of thinking that each of us did something, we would have great results. according to world energy forum There are some simple actions today that can contribute and give results.

  • Use natural light whenever possible.

  • Unplug devices or chargers we don’t need.

  • Use lamps with low consumption.

  • Turn off the lights or the TVs we don’t use.

  • Control the use of heating and air conditioning.

  • Disconnect those devices that do not need a constant connection.

  • Try to defrost food at room temperature without using the microwave.

With these little ones we can always make big changes, so when you think that little grain of sand isn’t going to help you, no matter how insignificant it may be to you, do it. Every small change can contribute and give very big results. For the future of the planet. for our future.

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