Sitges Festival | T West, the “independent” horror director who wowed Scorsese

If releasing two films in the space of six months can indeed be considered an achievement, imagine that in addition, one becomes a surprise hit of the season and the other receives Martin Scorsese praise. That class of 2022 live T Westa leading member of that generation of independent American directors (others, Adam Wingard, Simon Barrett or the Radio Silence group) who taught us a decade and a half ago how to maximize terror with minimal budget.

The “sleeper” mentioned above was “X,” his personal homage to the 1970s “exploitation” cinema, and a chance Mia goth To show off a dual role: that of the daughter of a preacher-turned-porn actress and an old killer. last focus “pearl” (Official Fantàstic Contest), the story, as West explains, is about “a young woman who wants a different life than the one you gave her and will do whatever it takes to get it.” they A mixture of the “slasher” theme, or cut-outs, with the style of 1950s melodrama Scorsese described the film as “Wild, wonderful, so disturbing – but so anxious”.

To expand the universe, West has found the perfect collaborator in Goth. “While filming ‘X’, we worked together on creating Pearl. In that first movie you didn’t learn much from her; she was the mysterious villain. But Mia needed to know her past to know who she was playing, so little by little we built the character. Without those conversations Pearl wouldn’t be who she was, so it was only natural that Mia would co-writer for the second movie.” Soon there will be a third sequel, “MaXXXine,” a direct sequel to “X.”

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Marketing value

The golden age of Hollywood is not the most common reference space in the West. His revelation is at a critical level, Devil’s house, from 2009, was like “X,” a veiled homage to the flavors of ’70s horror movies: “I thought of things I loved and hadn’t seen in a long time, like those stories about ‘babysitters,’ some diabolical threats, and so on.” The fragrance of “No Satan’s Seed” or “Thrill!” They reappeared in ‘Guests’, first in a row from the (fantastic) movies that didn’t have the due fallout. “The only way to succeed, let’s say, ‘mainstream’ is to spend money on you. You have to spend on advertising. Those films were small and didn’t, like ‘X’, get support from a distributor like A24, who can spend a fair amount of money on marketing and advertising. But I wouldn’t be here without the support that critics and fans have given me before.”

The director’s series and a great honor

After embracing West in The Valley of Vengeance, West for six years (2015-2021) focused on directing episodic TV shows, often of the fantastic genre. Was it out of necessity or also, and even more so, for the pleasure of working as an old maker and changing challenges? “I enjoyed it a lot and will continue to work in television,” he asserts emphatically. “There is something so exciting about sneaking into someone else’s chain almost overnight and helping them get whatever they’re looking for. Also, you learn a lot. After doing fifteen episodes in five years, there isn’t a single movie set that I know nothing about.”

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Among those ten and a half seasons, he remains, above all, with his contribution to the poetic science-fiction series “Historias del Loeb”: “With my contribution and with the series in general. Great talent and wrote every episode. The scripts were great, as were the cast. It should have been To be seen by a lot of people.”

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