Sirat, Orihuela’s adopted son: “May the future preserve our memories and free us from those who kill poets”

An emotional tribute that Orihuela residents wanted to bestow on the Catalan singer-songwriter Juan Manuel SerratAnd It was named this Friday Orihuela’s adopted son. At the end of the act he begins to sing, however The accompaniment of the audience that filled the Teatro Circo while the song “For Freedom” sounded at the top of the loudspeakers, which became an anthem. while clapping They all sang in the choir, including the authorities, such as the head of the Consell himself, Ximo Puig.

Juan Manuel Serrat went down in the history of Orihuela on his merits. The Catalan singer-songwriter is without a doubt, One of Orihuela’s great ambassadorsalong with the one who led him to the honor of being the adopted son of Orihuela, International poet Miguel Hernandez. The Orihuela Circus Theater was packed for great occasions, and this was one of them, for the institutional action to name Juan Manuel Serrat the adopted son of Orihuela. Many of those who were eliminated, since invitational tickets that were available to the public sold out within a few minutes when they left, were waiting outside the Teatro Circo Atanasio Díe Marín Waiting for the artist to arrivewhich was warmly received.

“Para la Libertad” or “Las abarcas desiertas” sounded on Loudspeaker from the stage while the audience was placed in their seats to celebrate the act in which it was already announced that the singer who had recently left the stage would not be singing because “it was not a concert” but an act of culture. generations of Oriolanus They hum those chords while waiting for the protagonist to arrive.

his speech It was a complete poem And also strong Claim of the personality of the world poet, miguel hernandez, Jar Orihuela as a singer-songwriter already. A poet who made his songs more universal.

I’ll start with thanks A fraternal and generous gesture which you had acquired with me by making me the adopted son of this city. I am an older man, in need of desire and lovehe began to say. And this gesture of yours comes in handy, it comforts me, it is Satisfies And it brings me closer to this city, to the personality and memory of our poet Miguel Hernandez.”

Juan Manuel Serrat felt very grateful for what was now his adopted city. Orihuela expressed all the affection and wanted to get her back with a Emotional speech. and humble.

He even starred Funny anecdotes When the presenter of the act summoned him to sign the honor book. As if he still didn’t believe everything was organized by him, he said coyly, “Me?” , before approaching. After he finished writing, he asked if the audience wanted to know what he had written, and “Yes!” from the stalls. Amused, he got up from his chair and said, “They should come read it,” and sat down to applause and the general partner’s laughter.

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Sirat recalled his youth years at the Central University of Barcelona where, Among the secret publications and genetics booksHe met Miguel Hernandez “And while we were planning, reading poetry and sunbathing.” Those books of the poet that came to him from a publisher in Argentina, They were weapons loaded with the future, They came back to us with all their voices and accents Those who are condemned to silence and ostracismThose books were open windows and doors through which fresh air entered, a fresh breath that the classrooms breathed in The gloomy and dark atmosphere of the dictatorshipHe completed.

Why set poems to music?

Sirat was open to admitting this He did not begin to turn Hernandez’s poems to music to publish his lyrics, “Which I feel proud of,” because “I discovered in the verses of others issues and feelings that reflect me, I saw myself involved in those poems that would eventually become my songsBecause that’s what I wanted to say And that’s the way I wanted to say itThat way.”

He went on to say that it was hard to escape the sympathy “that was engendered by this man who, in the best sense of the word, it was goodand it went from crisis to crisis.” It was the strength of Hernandez’s verses that drew him in, “as if they were written yesterday.” He admitted that the musical note in his poetry was not simple. “That’s why it prompted me to put them to music and sing them.” Miguel Hernandez is a vocal lyricistSirat, in his emotional and courageous speech, indicated in it He praised the poet’s verses from Oriolan which “sing and make you sing, one might say come from the factory with the music playing”. He recited “The People’s Wind”. “The verses sing, their verses smell like song.”

He did not want to leave the stage without indicating that he was going to Orihuela, “I cannot find a better place in his town and mine,” to pay a fraternal salutation. “To the goat boy, to the torn friend, to the exiled lover, to the orphaned father, to the victim of the dictatorship’s prisons, to the man who every time pins his dreams on the sun, life leaves him carbon.” But above all,” that man loved poetry, and he was a poet I love freedom and life‘, something that was cruelly taken from him.

With this honor, I salute myself and each one of us. May the future keep our memory alive and free us from those who kill poets and poetry.” Hconcluded between a applause which lasted several minutes.

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act started typical, with all the members of the Orihuela City Council entering, the Mayor of Carolina Gracia and the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, preceded by the maceros, who walked towards the platform. behind Sirat visibly movedOr receive a standing ovation from the audience. Long standing ovation of nearly four minutes. Grateful singer They responded by applauding the dozens of people who crowded the Teatro Circo.

The singer-songwriter wanted a simple act. It was loaded with a lot of files emotional. On one side of the stage, the entire municipal establishment sat, except for the Mayor and Mayor of Ceremonies, Antonio Sánchez, who, with Puig, accompanied Juan Manuel Serrat in the center. One of the great moments of the afternoon was the hug offered at the entrance with former Secretary General of the CCOO, Antonio Gutierrez of Oriolan. It was precisely Gutiérrez who acted as a liaison with the singer to send him the proposal to be named the adopted son of Orihuela.


The act began acclimatizingElia, piano and clarinet, by Carolina Lanes as a pianist and Jose Antonio Montero Clarinet player. Orihuilan representative Alejandro Seguenza Recitation of “Elegy to Ramon Siguet”. After this actress Helena RiceAct show started.

Ana Gomez Pardo actor A group of citizens lead an initiative to name an adopted sonhas some emotional lyrics towards the poet where he mentioned how the members of the congregation thought about the initiative welcomed by the City Council, which was approved unanimously in full. “It is a privilege that you have accepted to be another Oriolano and welcome to Orihuela, your city and ours.”

for his part, Anthony SanchezCeremonial Adviser, noted that “Merging memory and justice in this appointment., pointed out. Subsequently, the conditioningOnion lullabies While the Appointment Act was presented to Juan Manuel Serrat, by Sánchez, and the commemorative plaque presented to him by the Mayor, and Signed in the honor book. Once again the theater is on its feet.

The mayor believed that this discrimination arose on a popular initiative It is “by the people and for the people”. It highlighted the character of Joan Manuel Serrat’ Contribute, as an artist, to music, and as a human being, to the defense of values And issues that we take for granted today, but have remained for too long in the dark, in obscurity and exile.

The advisor from Orihuela noted that “If Miguel Hernandez had the opportunity to dream of something like that, today he would be very proud that you are the adopted son of Orihuela.” c.Carolina Grace He emphasized that with the celebration of this work, “a new way opens to glorify the work and the message of our poet. To the poet of the people,” and confirmed that Miguel Hernandez He wrote for freedom, for love, for hunger, for a lost friend. His poems were intense, as was his life. He deserves to live what he is not allowed to do.” 112 years after his birth, Orihuela has him in mind a lot“.

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Gracia thanked the singer-songwriter for his songs Input To publish the works of the Oriolian poet all over the world. “Blessed is the hour when you have decided that the work of Miguel Hernandez is worth singing. And that it is worth enjoying in all the cities of Spain, in Latin America. All over the world. And with it the name Orihuela. Juan. Manuel, consider yourself Orihuela’s neighbor.” Consider yourself a native of Miguel HernandezHe finished.

for his part, Zimo PuigSee Seerat’s childhood and career. “The inspiring power of his music will make us dream. Today Orihuela unites what will be polished forever. Today Orihuela looks at the world, looks at the world,” The chairman indicated.

Puig highlighted the “parallel lives” that unite the careers of Miguel Hernandez and Juan Manuel Serrat. “Life Made Miguel a Poet” and Juan Manuel Serrat “Life Made Him Sing”, He noted, when emphasizing that “Sirat’s greatness lies in his faithfulness to Miguel Hernandez’s greatest legacy” in the musical adaptation of his poems, which today, like Hernandian work, form part of the common cultural heritage. In addition to pointing it out with this confession Orihuela united, more than that, what was forever united, the heart of Miguel and the voice of Juan Manuel.Ximo Puig’s relationship with Joan Manuel Serrat goes way back. On October 9, 2017, Generalitat awarded him its highest honour.

The act closed with Elena Rayos, director of The Verge, reading the poem “for freedom” Although before the melodies of the musician from Sirat she used to hear that song which is really a hymn, on the piano and clarinet.

But there was one last surprise, the Catalan singer-songwriter singing in unison as the crowd stood and clapped “For Freedom,” as the famous ballad rang out in full voice through the loudspeakers.


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Sirat recovered for collective memory, in 1972still in the dictatorship in the last remnants of Franco, the figure of the poet of Oriolan Miguel Hernández. It was his ninth LP where he set ten poems to music Which, thanks largely to Sirat, is now known to a wide audience. Even more than one person has recited it while listening to the Barcelona singer-songwriter’s voice. He just put the music, the great words from the poet.In 2010, Sirat published his book “Son of Light and Shadow,” based on 13 poems Miguel Hernandez in the year of its centenary

The event was attended by MEP Domènec Ruiz, Minister of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, Josefina Bueno, and mayors from across the region, as well as many regional and regional authorities.

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