Siouxsie in Madrid | Siouxsie, From Gothic to Renaissance

There was a well-deserved and justified expectation to see him again on stage Susan Ballonstage name siouxiethe former leader of Banshee, who decided to stop his music career ten years ago, whether in recording studios or in live performances. Well deserved and justified expectation. It would be an exaggeration if one were to speak of the ‘maximum’, where compliments are lavishly bestowed on names less powerful than London (the British singer and her band weren’t fans or stadiums – not to mention the ones that supported the Banshees after their split, creatures-), but not minimal either, if we stick to the large parish huddled in the place that hosts Noches del Botánico in Madrid, with almost three-quarters of the entrance between the stands and the track. good. Much more than raised at Rock Ola.

That can be said The volume gives it just enough to limit the high notes on some songs; More than one person would expect to see her leave the scenes backstage with the clothes with whom he recorded with the Banshees Robert Smith (treatment) in a secret background – this wonderful direct name nocturnal at the Royal Albert Hall in 1983. But Siouxie never made any claims as a soprano and has no place in music history for her singing as Celine Dion. Specifically, the powerful and enveloping timbre of his voice, layered and beautiful, almost Germanic, notes the friend Rafael Cervera, one of the main features of his identity as a translator. In 2023, more than three decades after her glory days and after a decade of not singing a chorus, Siouxsie is a gorgeous 66-year-old who is in great shape and hasn’t lost an iota of her charisma as a character. She no longer wears black. Fashion passes, class and style last.

And who was there to see that? Many of those who have become fans have probably come from the mid-1970s and, above all, from the first half of the following decade, when Siouxie and The Banshees, joy sectiontreatment and Bauhaus The audience’s preferences were shared within that movement that was born from the ashes of what punk came to be called Gothic also evil. Lots of black, lots of lipsa lot of drawn lines (them and them), a lot of Banshees, Cure, Joy Division (almost this time) t-shirts, permanent paralysis So for the usual ignorance with that of Ramones. You have to love them. They are good people.

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There would be some who would think that the band that accompanies the artist lacked the banshee charm without which they are not the same. Steve Severinwithout parroteven without McGooch (Of course, without Robert Smith and without Marco Peroni And vicious master, which was the Banshee five minutes). The Siouxsie Sioux are supported by a very strong band who have managed to nail down guitars and drums that surround their leader compositions.

In what turned out to be the seventh concert of their comeback tour (Siouxsie is no longer gothic, if Renaissance thing, because it’s reborn), the set of songs didn’t disappoint. from Night shiftwith which he opened, even his most famous songs, arabian nightAnd Cities in the dustAnd Sin in my hearthe Dear Caution from the beatles, Christine also surprisingwhich closed it. What are the missing classics? about tastes & mldr; maybe fusion also waterfall. I do not touch Israel no the passengerl Iggy Popboth of which are included in this return, but waived in return Happy home And Hong Kong Parknext to But they are not to creatures And four jewels manta ray, from 2007, his breakthrough and only solo album so far. And that’s what many of us would like to see again: new record material and his return to live performances. It was worth the wait. We love Suzanne Ballion, but we love Siouxsie even more. Maybe she doesn’t have the same opinion.

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