Singer JoJo Officially Accepts Actor Dexter Darden’s Application

Singer JoJo Officially Accepts Actor Dexter Darden's Application

Singer Jojo announced the happy news of his engagement to his lover, Dexter Darden through his personal Instagram page. Jojo was officially proposed by his lover after a year of dating.

The happy news came from the beautiful American singer, JoJo. The reason is, Jojo has just been officially proposed by his lover, Dexter Darden. Jojo has also accepted his lover’s proposal.

The happy news was first shared by Jojo through his personal Instagram page on Christmas Eve, Saturday (25/12).

Although he only shared the news on Christmas Day, Jojo seems to have been officially engaged to actor Dexter Darden since Monday (20/12).

Which, Dexter proposed to his lover right on Jojo’s 31st birthday. That means, the couple is officially engaged after a year of dating.,51985921.html

Jojo then shared a series of moments of his engagement and birthday through his personal Instagram page. In the post, Jojo looks happy for his lover’s proposal. Dexter also looks happy because his proposal has been accepted by Jojo.

Not only photos, Jojo also gave exorbitant praise for Dexter. He said Dexter was a wise, creative, and loving lover. He admitted that he had no reason to refuse his lover’s proposal.

Jojo also admitted that he was lucky to be engaged to Dexter. He then asked his lover to marry him immediately.

“Forever with YOU? Justify me right away. Celebrate fianc√©’s Christmas to the fullest!!!” wrote Jojo happily. “The most wise, creative, positive, handsome, strong, loving, passionate human being asked me to marry him. So obviously I said YES!!!”

Interestingly, in the moment of the engagement, there are the figures of Jojo’s mother and also Dexter’s mother. Jojo also thanked his lover for preparing such a special and unforgettable proposal moment.

“Thank you for the most epic birthday surprise ever,” he concluded. “Thank you for bringing my mum, your mum and our two best friends to share these amazing moments with us. You are one of them. LFG @dexterdarden.”

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