Singer Andres Ceballos leaves Dvicio and the band is leaving its future up in the air

music band Division It was announced this Wednesday that the singer Andres Ceballos He made the decision to leave the group and embark on his solo path, so the band is leaving their future up in the air for now.

After a decade of playing together, Andres, Martin Ceballos, Alberto Gonzalez, Luis Gonzalvo and Nacho posted a text on the group’s official profile at Twitter Communicate the decision to go their separate way.

“Today we have to convey something very difficult for us,” Text started. He continued, “After all this time walking together, Andres made the decision to leave Dvicio and start his solo career.”

However, the group made it clear They will hold the surviving concerts on their 2022 tour together, although their tracks later split. “At this time, Dvicio will be taking a break to think about the future,” they said.

Likewise, they thanked their fans who support them from the beginning with the song “Just Now” until now with “The Labyrinth”. “Many years of amazing moments have been with you. You have been and continue to be a great drive. We love you and are so grateful for all this support and love over the years.” The text concludes.

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