Silverfish: With this Lidl you can get rid of moisture

I’m sure you know Silver minnows. They are very small insects that are easy to find at home. Scientifically known as “Lepisma saccharina” It is one of the most common pests, and it has its natural habitat in areas where there is little light and moisture, as is usually the case, for example. bathrooms. However, it can appear on a file kitchen, inside Closets or garages.

Although the visit of these insects is undesirable, you should know about it Completely harmless, ever since They don’t sting. Instead, their diet is usually based on silicone, paper, cardboard or starchy foods.

Winter is the time when our home becomes a real sanctuary protecting us from the cold and rain and resting in a comfortable environment. However, this time It features piping It can get cold because Low temperatures Constant rain and even snowfall It gives way to a wetter climateEspecially for these They don’t have dryers And they decided to dry their clothes, towels or bedding in rooms with open windows.

also, in the old ages homes and unrevised plumbing system, Leads to the appearance of moisture on the ceiling of the bathroom or Even on the walls. hindrance that, Besides making our house ugly, It also produces an unpleasant odor Something embarrassing and annoying What should we Delete as soon as possible.

Symptoms of moisture detection in the house

  • high temperatures

  • Strong unpleasant smell

  • Molds on ceilings and walls

  • Rust on metal

To combat dampness in the home, prevent the walls from being damaged, and most importantly, address the health problems involved, the supermarket chain Lidl has a product that is sweeping sales For its quality and price. It is a portable dehumidifier that we can place in any room of the house And get rid of the blissful dampness. “Dehumidifier with interchangeable, washable filter and spill protection. It works plugged in,” they explain on the page. for him The price is 88 euros and it can be purchased online.

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every-time More users of this supermarket chain Go to a store series with the sole purpose of achieving it A prepared food product. I know that That added motivation from these stores Granted in recent months to the bakery, it is an area of ​​fast consumption where all kinds of sweets are offered, but also Different preparation bread Craftsmen who are delighted in many cases some clients.

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But if something has been made Lidl To be highly appreciated among your customers, that is, undoubtedly, your promotion and discount policy. Several weeks ago a supermarket of German origin Break all records The donation for each customer who spent more than 20 euros is part of it toy supermarket In fact, the client who manages to do it all Post a picture on social media He won the acclaim of many who were delighted that he had accomplished such a feat.

And if I come close to him and he stings me, what can happen? The silverfish is a harmless insect in this sense because it does not sting humans. The risks involved in its presence are other risks, as we indicated above, it can become a pest with serious consequences if there are enough specimens.

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