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They accompany us everywhere and occupy a privileged place in our pockets, yet many people make use of only the remainder of all that a mobile phone can offer. And we’re not referring to complex commands or using apps or shortcuts that require a learning curve, but rather simple functions hidden in device settings that can make our lives much easier.

What functions can actually be activated on a mobile phone to make our lives easier? We are going to review some of the most useful ones for both Android and iPhone users.

Possible solution to presbyopia

Eye fatigue is one of the most undesirable consequences of age change and beyond certain ages. Presbyopia makes it difficult for us to read and in the case of a mobile phone, moving the phone away and expressing a frown are just vain attempts to get out of trouble and this is indicative of this circumstance. Can the consequences of eye fatigue be resolved in any way? Yes, increase the font size:

Android: Go to Settings/Display/Font Size and select the size that allows normal screen reading.

Iphone: go to settings / display and brightness / font size and select the size that allows us to read; In addition, it can be increased further with accessibility features by going to Settings / Accessibility and then selecting Display and Text Size.

How to read very small texts easily

Along with presbyopia, age is unforgivable when it comes to seeing the composition of a utensil of certain foods or the instructions for the purchased device. As much as we frown and strain our eyes, there are characters who escape us because of their size. Here the mobile offers a quick solution by using the camera as an instant magnifying glass. How is it activated?

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Android: Google’s mobile platform does not have a function to use it, but it can be replaced by the free (freemium) magnifying glass, which allows even to activate the flash to see small texts in low light.

Iphone: This device has an original function that is already activated by three presses of the power button; Visibility can be configured by magnification or brightness management.

Get rid of the fear of using Siri or Google Assistant for voice commands

Although there is no platform that offers official numbers, it is estimated that more than half of teens in the United States prefer to use voice commands on their mobile phone rather than typing; A dimension that gives an idea of ​​what the future of the relationship with mobile phones will look like. So why isn’t Siri or the Google Assistant used more? It seems to be a matter of habit. Javier Lacort, Editor and . explains podcaster in Xataka.

But a lot can be done loudly, efficiently and without having to touch the screen; Here are some examples of commands that will follow “Hey Siri” or “Ok Google”:

  • Turn on Do Not Disturb to disable notifications.
  • Lower the screen brightness.
  • When (referring to the soccer team) is playing
  • “Heads or tails” or “Say a number from 1 to 10.
  • What is 12 times 15
  • “Emergency call”, call 112 automatically.

Use keyboard shortcuts for frequent data

How many times a week do we have to share a mobile phone number, ID, home address or checking account with someone? You can save a lot of time by typing these repetitive scripts only once and having the systems write them for you using a short set of characters. “It can be configured in the keyboard settings so that our email message appears as typing,” Lacourt explains, “or “meiban” so that our IBAN appears.”

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To type keyboard shortcuts:

Android: In the Google keyboard, we will go to Settings / Dictionary / Spanish and press the “+” button to add a sequence; In the first field, the text that is used most frequently (for example, the DNI number) is written, and in the second field, the command that activates it (for example, “dni”).

Iphone: You have to go to Settings/Keyboard/Text Replacement and press “+” to follow the steps in the Android section.

A good tip, on both systems, is to add an at sign before the sequence to remember it to avoid accidental command activations (eg, “mobile”).

Add the “magic button” to the screen

The accessibility menu on mobile phones includes functions that go beyond those defined as standard and allow the phone to adapt to each person’s individual needs. One of the best motivators is Assistive Touch, a virtual button that Apple introduced to make it easier to access certain functions on the iPhone and is also available, through a third-party app, on Android.

The spirit of this virtual button – which is displayed on the screen above all the phone’s menus – is to provide the user with a customizable menu with the most frequently used functions. Why is it highly recommended to activate it? Explains Fran Besora, Community Creator at Twitter “Apple in Spanish”. How is it activated?

Android: Via the free (Free) Assistive Touch app.

Iphone: Go to Settings / Accessibility / Touch / AssistiveTouch.

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