She died of chocolate poisoning sent home by an unknown person on her birthday

Tragic event in Brazil. Lindsay Vegas Batistaa 54-year-old woman, who died last Saturday, which is her birthday, in Rio de Janeiro in a case related to Poisoning And that the local police are now investigating.

The woman that day received a a box of chocolatewhich a stranger had sent him for her wedding anniversary. But since she didn’t know the sender, she asked to leave it at her current partner’s store. As he commented, he feared they might be poisoned. For all of this, he would ask his family and friends, even his ex, if the gift was their thing. The ex-husband joked that it was charging, so she decided to eat chocolate.

Soon after, he got down to it I feel bad And she had to be cared for first by the neighbors in her area. One of his relatives explained: “His eyes turned white and his limbs trembled.” Finally, she was taken to Andhari Hospital but arrived at the center lifeless. The police are investigating whether he died from poisoning.

‘It was appalling and intentional’

One of his sisters, who told local media, denounced that Lindsay’s son tried one of the chocolate bars, and immediately spit it out because he thought they were Taste.

Brazilian authorities have Arrested At the moment, the ex-partner of the current victim’s boyfriend, who neither confessed nor denied any connection to the crime and not only did he resist the police. Although many other details of the case have not been released, the family announced that Lindsay had received threats from the detainee days before.

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The first investigations indicated that evidence of the poison could be found in the same chocolate. the corpse dissectionIn addition, it will help clarify the facts, although it is estimated that it will take a month to be ready.

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