Shakira’s in-laws want to move in after high noise levels at the artist’s home

the Music revenge affiliate Colombian Shakira against your ex-partner Former Barcelona playerGerard Pique, as well as A Art bomb, proves to be more than profitable. the The singer has postedTogether with the successful Argentine producer Bizarab, his first song of the year, in which he was pregnant against him Former soccer player after their breakup last June. With the hidden address of BZRP Music Session No. 53this song It’s part of what might be called the “breakaway trilogy.” both celebrities, Next to monotonyin which Shakira did His grief was sincere and he was already shooting some arrows against Pique And his new romantic partner, I congratulate you, published in April, in which he has already sent more direct messages to the former Barcelona player.

Since the topic of Shakira came to light, Gerard Pique’s parents were people that was in the background after Pique and Shakira. After what the song came out, Everyone already knows that his former in-laws We are his neighbors And they are the most affected by holidays organized by the artist.

Hall witch

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Beyond Witch from the balcony by Shakira In the direction of their ex-in-laws house, they are carrying Celebrating parties since their exit Bizarrap song and lays loud music. Actually, that’s him I finish In which Fans who go home Shakira to sing He hits her and she usually comes out to sing with them to the balcony.

Pique’s parents want to move

Journalist Marc Lerado revealed in “Socialité” that Pique’s parents are Consider moving far from their grandchildren because they can’t stand it with so much noise who is born Artist in the urbanization where they live. However, they do not take it seriously, because they are waiting The artist moves to Miami in the coming months.

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