Shakira ignores her birthday to dedicate another “beef” to Pique

The singer will release another song about separation at the end of the series, and it seems that this Thursday will not be the birthday of the footballer, as well as the Colombian.

Shakira Piqué’s soap opera continues with Latin beats. The singer already has her date New musical version -o Meatexperts say – which, most likely, will be the last in a series of songs that have become super hits.

The Colombian decided to send her new song to her already ex-partner, but Looks like it won’t be a birthday present on February 2nd. A birthday present for both of them. Shakira and Pique share a date, although they are ten years apart: she will be 46 and he will be 36.

Some media had indicated that this day was the day chosen for its release because it coincided with this celebration for both of them, but sources from Sony Music confirmed to EFE that the song would not be released on that day. Although they confirmed who will accompany the singer in her new song.

Shakira will not be alone. If he was in “Monotonia” he would accompany her ozona and on “Music Sessions No. 53” he collaborated with her strangeThis time he’s joined by one of reggaeton’s more feminist greats: Carol G, the voice of another love anthem of disappointment, “Tosa.”.

In fact, the new version (whose title has not yet been revealed) will arrive yet A huge media sensation caused by his latest songthe 53rd session with Argentine producer Bizarrap, which in just two weeks has collected nearly 162 million views on platforms such as Spotify.

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“I left my mother-in-law as a neighbor / With the press at the door / And the debts in the closet,” Shakira sings in some controversial verses that leave no doubt as to the identity of the recipient, especially when it continues. : “I’m just making music / I’m sorry I sprayed you”.

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Shakira is in the moment of a commercial renaissance, and this is confirmed by the success of her latest song with Bizarab and that ‘I congratulate you’ with Rauw Alejandro slipped to be the ninth most successful song in Spain throughout 2022.as reported by Promusicae.

It will be “after” February 2 (“nor on February 3 either”) when his voice will join in his musical crescendo another of the strong values ​​of current Latin music, namely His compatriot Karol G, and a new album is expected from him, entitled “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful.”. He has not yet revealed the release date of the album, but everything indicates that it will feature a song with Shakira.

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