Shakira builds a wall in her house so that Pique’s parents can’t see her

  • It’s an act of separating the two residences – linked by some common areas such as a garden – which he decided to do now that his departure to Miami has been postponed without a date due to his father’s delicate health.

Turning into the mighty hero of the moment for the dart-filled song she dedicated to Gerard Pique and Clara Xia, Shakira has left aside the appreciation that has marked her every move since announcing her split from the former footballer last June. .

And then Slamming On Ex-Wife And Current Girlfriend On ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’ – Which broke all records with 133 million views on YouTube in just 5 days – Shakira is building a wall (literally) to give more distance to her ex-in-laws. As reported by Europa Press, separating the two residences—linked by some common areas like a garden—is an act he decided to do now that his move to Miami without a date has been delayed due to his father’s delicate health.

Around The last episode of the series started at dawn on Wednesday, January 11th With the release of the song, which is part of what might be called a “trilogy chapter” of both Famous PeopleNext to routine (published October 2022), where Shakira made her heartbroken open and was already throwing some darts at Pique and her new love partner, and I congratulate you, Published in April, he has already sent more direct messages to the former Barcelona player.

According to “Activos” calculations based on the copies of these songs on Spotify and YouTube and what each platform pays for each perception, these new creations have already generated several tens of millions of euros in revenue.

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Pique replied

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Gerard Pique’s response had only been waiting two days. The former soccer player, one of the main organizers of the Kings League, arrived at the game last Sunday in a Renault Twingo.. The footballer, who loves luxury cars, has never before been seen with a regular car, but the response to the beef Shakira dedicated to him in his latest song with Bizarrap seems to have changed everything. A gesture in response to his ex-partner’s criticism of his current girlfriend (comparing her to a Casio and a Renault Twingo) and a calculated strategy. marketing.

Moreover, in flow which he did on friday with the others influencers Like Ibai or Spursito, the former soccer player announced that he has signed an agreement with the watch brand Casio to be a sponsor of the Kings League, saying that Casio is for life. However, it has not been proven that way since then Before the live broadcast, he was wearing a Rolex watch specifically It was removed exclusively for its directness.

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