Shakira and Ozuna release “Monotonia”, a song that carries messages to Pique

After Colombian singer Shakira posted short messages for weeks on social networks with what appeared to be the lyrics of her new song, she released this Wednesday ‘routine‘, a bachata he recorded with Puerto Rican Ozuna and whose video was shot in the Spanish municipality of Manresa.

“Thank you Ozu and all of you for the support and love you gave me from filming to releasing this song. I hope you like itShakira wrote on her social networks.

The chorus of the single says exactly what the Colombian has already posted on social networks: “It wasn’t your fault, and it wasn’t mine, it was the fault of monotony“.

The Hasret song Moreover, it is the first published by the artist after her separation from Spanish footballer Gerard Pique, with whom she had two children, and was her partner for the past twelve years until she announced their separation last June.

Specifically, on September 21, the Colombian said in an interview with Elle Spain that music for her writing is like going to a psychiatrist, “just cheaper” It helps you heal.

pain reflex

The song and the video have been publicly posted platforms This Wednesday after 19:00 local time (00:00 GMT on Thursday).

Co-produce the video Shakira and Jaume de Liguanaa Spanish designer with whom the Colombian has been working for more than 15 years.

The video recording It was held at the beginning of September in Manresa, whose curious residents posted photos and videos of artists on social media.

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In the clip, the Colombian is shown crying in a store and, After attacking her with a bazookapicks up his heart on the ground and carries it in his hands on the street.

“Monotonia” is the second single from Shakira’s upcoming album after the release of “our end”, The popular song he made ru alexander which topped, among other things, Billboard’s “Latin Airplay” At the beginning of this year.

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