Shakira and Bizrab | It’s all for marketing: Gerard Pique made it to the Kings League playing Twingo

Although there are many Audi, Aston Martin or Mercedes in his collection, Gerard Piqué, one of the main organizers of the Kings League, arrived at Sunday’s meeting in a Renault Twingo.. The footballer, who loves luxury cars, has never before been seen with a regular car, but the response to the beef Shakira dedicated to him in his latest song with Bizarrap seems to have changed everything. A gesture with which he responds to his ex-partner’s criticism and plays a calculated strategy marketing. The men are also paid at the expense of their ex-wives.

in the odd sessions 53#, ie It is already a number on YouTube and digital platforms, Shakira compared Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend, Clara Chia, to a Casio and a Renault Twingo while she looked more like a Rolex and a Ferrari. And although Pique did not officially respond to the song, he turned the Kings Union into a stage for his jokes.

in it flow which he did on friday with the others influencers Like Ibai or Spursito, the former soccer player announced that he has signed an agreement with the watch brand Casio to be a sponsor of the Kings League, saying that Casio is for life. However, it has not been proven that way since then Before the live broadcast, he was wearing a Rolex watch specifically It was removed exclusively for its directness. Obviously, Pique still prefers expensive watches.

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And this Sunday, it’s Twingo’s turn. Gerard Pique arrived at the circus where the Kings League was installed in a white Renault Twingo and with a smile from ear to ear. What is unknown is whether he actually traveled in it or if he only traveled the last few metres. A gesture with which he responded to his ex-partner’s songAlthough, at the moment, it has not announced any advertising agreement with the car manufacturer. Although, if you look at how Casio shares fell when Piqué announced his cooperation with them, it is possible that Renault would prefer to step aside so that the conflict does not spread over him.

What he achieved with these strategies calculated for marketing he had become famous topic within several days and upload visualizations streams From the new league that Friday reached over half a million. For her part, Shakira has already accumulated more than 300 million views of her song with Bizarab among music platforms and social networks.

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