Seville: Mendelbar and his eleven in the “final”

MMuch has been said about the way it is done Sevilla managed to equalize from Old Trafford. From losing by two goals to leveling the match with two own goals from the English team. Sevilla excelled wide in the first half and for Mestalla they put in eight new players In its basic formation in relation to the united feudal. This means that he took out eleven less starting at European league, which is understandable with the final in Valencia at the gates. Once they beat that bad brew and left the relegation zone eight points behind Sevilla, their coach and the players themselves They have nothing else on their mind than trying to make an argument to eliminate the favorite from the competition. a Manchester United with casualtiesBut it is a European giant. This is also important.

With the new perspective taken by LaLiga, Sevilla are looking forward to DThursday’s trip in Europe as his real “final”. This is how the dressing room members who understand the importance of the match speak And that they can refocus on Sevilla. However, hereMandelbar decides and Eleven will come out of his head He had to beat the British team on Sanchez Pizgon’s turf. According to his first matches, some things are obvious, but not all. All of her employees raised their hands to sign up for the appointment.

First of all, it is supposed to Bono is the starting goalkeeper, because the bet in the league is on Dmitrovich. In defense lies the doubt Bad facilities: Gudelj or Marcao. Depends on whether the Serb should act (as at Old Trafford) in midfield Ferdinand. Although the midfielder is in a fight Rakitic and his experience should take the cake. On both sides it is safe Ocampos, who will be able to change profiles to help fellow Aqua with Anthony. Brian and Lamela The other place is played. For the attacking party, it is safe in Nusayri. Top 11 Unexpected Finals.

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Because he will also coach Sevilla. He never fully entered the European qualifying round. He came up with a mission Save Seville and move on with itCalm down with points achieved in three days. Now he can really think about how to get his hands on United. What needs to be done to punish him, because just waiting for him can be suicide. And above, Your status is at stake. The Andalusian club hired him for three months to carry out a mission, with aspirations for more changes for the next session. It is up to Mandelbar to stick around for much longer. Europe opens all doors.

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