Seville European Film Festival | French film “Saint Omar” directed by Alice Diop won the Seville Film Festival

The The French movie “Saint Omar”, For the first time in a feature film from Senegalese Film Festival, Alice Diop won in Golden Giraldillohighest award, Seville European Film FestivalAnd the According to the jury transcript which was published on the day of its closing.

The official department jury consisting of Mona Akl, Charles Tyson, Rossio Mesa, Laurentina Guidotti and Elisa Victoriawon Best Film for Diop’s work “for the great confidence given, in the course of experience, to the power of the word to understand reality while showing through it the mists of the inexplicable”

The film deals with a real case of A woman who caused the death of her child, The racial biases and critical conscience of a multicultural society, as well as the contradictions and conflicts involved in the experience of motherhood in contemporary society.

“Saint Omer” was also honored with Best Screenplay Award signed by Diop, Amrita David and Marie Ndiaye, For “care in the writing of characters and verbal/verbal expression as a visible and profound manifestation of the human being”.

Another big winner was “Close” by Lukas Dhont, who got Grand Jury Prize for “an elegant classic in mise-en-Scène, which evokes a moving image of two iconic characters” and a Best Actor Award, for Eden Dambrian, for providing “a timeless and deeply harrowing portrait of childhood, guilt and loss” And also for being able, with maturity and love, to bear Leo’s pain, and his character throughout the film and display his wound in our hearts.

The Special Jury Prize He acquaints ex aequo “Fogo-fátuo” by João Pedro Rodrigues for the “ability” of the Portuguese director “to deal with humor, of great imagination and originality, and important issues such as the relationship between aristocracy and the people, colonialism or blitzkrieg”;

prize best title Acknowledging the work of Pietro Marcello in the film Scarlet, already winning in Seville with Martin Eden (Giraldillo de Oro in 2019), the Italian director, now referring to the jury’s decision, deserves this new recognition for “the beauty of his stage, the vibration that every shot transmits, Which makes Crimson “at the same time a realistic, bizarre, and fantastic panel and story about a few characters and an entire period between two wars”.

In the direction section, the jury wanted to make rThanks and appreciation to Paolo Taviani for “Leonora addio”Film dedicated to his late brother Vittorio. “Obvious simplicity – indicating the minutes – the director deals with deep issues: Pirandello, Italy in the twentieth century, the path taken by the writer’s ashes.

For his part, the film, which opened the festival on September 4, was awarded to “The Children of Others” by French director Rebecca Zlotowski. Best Editing Awardfor which Geraldine Manguenot is responsible, for the work that “breaths new life into the script and gives the film a real rhythm and gives it another dimension”.

In section best female performance, The jury awarded the actresses a fairness judgment Zahra Amir Ebrahimi for his work in the movie “The Holy Spider” by Ali Abbasi; and Julie LeDrew, “Rodeo” star Lola Kevoron.

Winners are completed in the official section in Best Photography Award, Mauro Harris about his work on “Matadero” by Santiago Fillol, which he embodied in an image that “allows the viewer to deeply feel the source of all light”.

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