Seville Club: Suso and Ocampos signed up

Lucas Ocampos And so so They train with the group In pre-match training Semi-finals affiliate European league Before Juventus What dispute tomorrow Starts from 9:00 pm. in it Sanchez Bizgon. bad practiced wear cumbersome bandage; in that right leg. The only absentees remain Nyanzu, Markao And Joan Jordan.

in spite of Injuries of a muscular naturemuch ocampus how so so They don’t want to miss the most important game of the season and have worked hard in the last days to get there better conditions. in a party Going disputed in Rolehe Argentinian It had to Ask for a change in it 14th minute As a precaution, however break Last weekend has not been called before Valladolid.

more complicated It then appears back so so. king mandelbar be seen very Difficult You’ll be able to count on the winger tomorrow, stressing that “it takes time and there is We won’t rush him, the doctor, or anyoneBut the sentiment is positive and today’s training session also serves to see how the players dose throughout tomorrow’s game. ocampus s indicates From the beginning.

so so The player will be the one accompanying the coach this afternoon Jose Luis Mendelbar At the official press conference UEFA Before tomorrow’s game Sanchez Bizgon.

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