Seville Club: Mandelibar’s doubts about his role

Andhe Seville I got his first training session this morning, after a weekend of rest, in order to get ready Thursday’s duel in turnwhich is the date you travel to the day before the training at the meeting place. Jose Luis Mendelbar He gave his staff more than 48 hours to disconnect, after a few weeks, diligently, hopefully Players touched today can appear Monday in group training. Just Fernando and Nyanzo did it. We’ll have to wait with the rest, especially Soso and Lamelawho were emerging as headliners before Juventus before knowing your problems.

The man from Cadiz has a hole in his country the back of his right legWhich happened in a race against Espanyol last Thursday. You do everything in your power to get to the appointment. And it is possible for him to even travel, although he will not be 100% ready for competition from the very beginning. Licking should have more opportunities. The Argentine came out of 11 matches against Espanyol in the warm-up due to some discomfort in his back. He worked all weekend in the Sports City, although this morning he stayed in the gym. With all that Mandelibar has doubts about the location of the filming.

because Nyanzo is back with the group, although he did not complete the training. He is missing a spine player. Who will play midfielder without Suso? The most reasonable option, especially when playing away from home, is Rakitic, though that would leave Fernando without a partner. alternative Bypass Gudelj and have Nianzou fuse with Bad. The other solution is not to move the defense and the double pivot, and to look for options on the bench (Liver, dad…). As the third goes, what lick it (if recovered) Start behind the attacker, with Ocampos and Brian on the sides.

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mandelbar It should spin very well. He knows that a tie has two legs and that he shouldn’t force anything on that Role. Also, these duels are not won in the first leg, although I know you can lose a tie if you are not focused. It’s time for Sevilla to figure out how to play their cards, both in the match scheme and in the eleven matches that the Basque coach has presented. duel Valladolid Sunday does not matter. Juventus only. Once you know who you can really count on, this is your time Mindy starts playing his cards in the semi-finals.

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