Seville Club: Bono and Al-Nusairi: Another challenge in the World Cup

Yassin Bono and Youssef Al-Nusairi They are considered national heroes Morocco. Great post in the past Qatar World Cupleading the African team to the semi-finals, with both players as their team’s primary reference, made them forget all that The negativity they took from the first months of the session with Sevilla who was walking towards the abyss with the descent as a real threat. They didn’t want to leave in JanuaryHowever, the club did not resist him. They decide to defend the team that pushed them to their current level and the reward can be one of hysteria: European title.

Because Sevilla plays tomorrow is a possibility Travel to Budapest for the UEFA Europa League Grand Final, which takes place on the thirty-first of this month. duty Beat Juventus In a life-or-death duel, after a draw in turn. You already know the feeling of lifting the same trophy with Sevilla, in 2020, where they also made their mark, especially the primary reward of winning the title. Epidemic European League in Cologne.

“For me, my team-mates and the fans, the dream is to win this title.”Meet the goalkeeper in an interview with UEFA. “When I arrived in Seville I felt that the Europa League was important, that it benefited the club a lot and that the players felt the same way. It is a moral injection for the players and gives them a special feeling, energy and passion.“, It is to explain. Dmitrovich He clinched his league title, but Europe is his. He will not let her go without a fight.

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Best Nusayri

And if Seville is important in Bono’s career, it is no less important for him Nusayri scorerwhich opened his scoring path for him through the appointment in Qatar. 16 goals in these months, only two before the World Cup. Many of these goals have been achieved in European competition. He scored twice in the Champions League group stage, and held the best for this final stage of the season.

a first-half goal against PSV; a brace against Manchester United at Nervin in the quarter-finals; And the goal against Juventus itself in the first leg. Something that can be worth its weight in gold. Al-Nusairi was one of the authorities in Qatar. he West Ham offered $20 million to a desperate Sevilla. I closed the door in his face. Now his value rose greatly and Nervin rubbed his hands. “I am very proud of Youssef. I tried to help him and support him whenever I felt he had a problem. I think he can still improve as a player,” says Bono. “Personally, I see him as a little brother,” he asserts. A couple with a global challenge.

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