Sevilla FC: Viral photo of Juan Jordan in the midst of the penalty shootout

Joan JordanFootballer Sevillewas the hero of this viral photo in which he touches his butts in the middle of a shootout against Al Rome. Soon after, the Andalusian team got seventh place European league. The photo spread around the world on social networks.

The Twitter account @MovistarFutbol posted the photo with the message “AS DE GRANDES, SEVILLA. #UELfinal” and it was viewed by over 580.8k people, resulting in over 400 quotes and nearly 3,000 likes. At that time, the footballer was sending a message to his goalkeeper Bono, who was knocked out in the penalty shootout.

It was this penalty shootout (4-1) that gave Sevilla its seventh Europa League

It was this penalty shootout (4-1) that gave Sevilla its seventh Europa League

The Seville Mission will arrive in Seville on Thursday and the party will end in Bizgon

he Seville Club The program of events has already been set to celebrate Wednesday’s Europa League achievement in Budapest against Roma, which she does for the seventh time in a full number of tries, all of which will come with a finish in Ramon Sanchez. Bizgon Stadium. The club said in a statement that the official Seville mission will land at San Pablo Airport in Seville, where the bus journey to the city center will start at around six in the evening.

The first stop of the expedition will be around 6:30pm to visit the Little Sisters of the Poor Nursing Home, from there, the team will head to Puerta de Jerez, where the celebration will continue close to 7:30pm. At around 8:30pm you will visit Seville Cathedral, before arriving at the City Hall around 8:45pm. From there, the delegation will depart around 9:30 pm for Ramn Sánchez-Pizjun Stadium, where a parade has been organized for the celebration starting at 10:00 pm.

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The stadium doors will open at 9:30 pm (an hour before the start of the show).

ctculo), with free entry for all subscribers who access with their subscription to pass through turnstiles without having to carry out any activation or procedure, Seville points out.

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