Sevilla FC: ‘The Special Seven’

There are different ways to get a title, but surely since the first one is in Eindhoven, there is no one more special than this for Sevilla fans. The seventh is very different, even more “special” than Mourinhobecause it integrates the best of the recent history of the Seville team, with a path full of troubles, setbacks, ghosts of the past, and fear of relegation.

And a huge tribute to the “never give up” team. Another Champions League qualification, a fourth in a row, would have been unimaginable and almost impossible to dream of just a couple of months ago.


He has already written his story, well acknowledged by Bezjön’s demanding and grateful fans, but now other Basques have a new page to turn. This address is forged into memory

Anthony Gate


Jose Antonio Reyes

but also in prayer for

Sergio Rico

despite of


In the paradox that the worst omens can have such a great remedy


, the coach without fantasies, the “restorer” of other coaches, those who do not change, do not cheat, because their success will always be proportional to the class of footballers. It is impossible not to be happy for him. It seemed impossible to solve the ball


, that endless slab of slogans that etched into the minds of players and that diminished the stars of the throne. Mandelbar changed everything. Stick to simplifying the game, in plain language, to restore a coach’s greatest treasure: a footballer’s confidence. So I found two solutions in the porter’s office, I restored the best version of

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in Nusayri


lick it


so so

… In other words, a great team, capable of leaving United and Juventus down the road and breaking Mou’s duende in the European finals. I celebrated it like it was nothing. The final was a small reversal of the season. Sevilla started small, with the feeling that Roma had managed to force the script from the board. Any mistake will have a huge cost, especially if the ball gets to him.


, that little Argentine lefty with the face of an angel, but with the menace of a demon. 0-1 seemed like an insurmountable mountain, especially when you see Mourinho, the title collector on the opposition bench already.


, in the center of the Roman rear. However, Sevilla started to find the line when the first half weakened, with Rakitic hitting the post. The team is better with changes, especially with

so so

, who made everyone better, gave a ride to Navas and other fangs of his team. There was no shortage of the traditional miracle


in the form of a template


. Extra time was a physical ordeal, and a big wear and tear like the whole season, with Roma looking for penalty kicks and terrifying set-pieces, putting their hearts into a fist with a shot off the crossbar from


. 146 minutes of play, the eternal final of an eternal team, the worthy culmination of a phenomenal season. If the threads of football weave unimaginable scripts, then the glory of penalties was destined for Bono under the sticks and, as in the World Cup,

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with an extra ball. Glory to the king of the European league.

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